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  1. KGLlewellyn

    Windows NT PPC on Macs

    Has anyone tried running this on a G4? The Github suggests that NT4 should be okay with a G4 CPU but my experience says otherwise...possibly when trying to do this on my G4-upgraded B&W. Sadly I don't have the original CPU to test with. :c This shows up almost immediately when the text-based...
  2. KGLlewellyn

    In search of list of capcaitors for Delta SMP-220DB PSU (Apple P/N 614-0012)

    I've got a dead one of these too, I'm interested to see if the recap works out for yours! Best of luck with it and thank you for providing a parts list!
  3. KGLlewellyn

    Yet another dead(?) Power Mac 9600/300

    I had a similar issue with mine, it turned out to be a dead CPU Card, mine was a Kansas too.
  4. KGLlewellyn

    PC Compatibility Card Issues

    I mean, I’ve been in this game for 20 years at least, but this one was a bit wild. Usually there is at least some rhyme or reason even if not initially apparent, this one…man, it took the biscuit. I will say, it started acting up immediately after I configured a 10GB image for use as drive D...
  5. KGLlewellyn

    PC Compatibility Card Issues

    Uhm...so out of nowhere the card decided to start working again?! Literally I've done nothing. Friday and Saturday, it didn't work. On a whim tried it today and it did?
  6. KGLlewellyn

    PC Compatibility Card Issues

    No additional video RAM. I’ve De-Oxited the RAM slot and PCI slot to no avail sadly.
  7. KGLlewellyn

    PC Compatibility Card Issues

    Hey folks, I've got a 820-0720-B Pentium PCI Compatibility card, I believe it's the 100Mhz model. I've been using it flawlessly in my Power Mac 4400 via the GIMO slot for the last few months. Out of nowhere today when I went to boot it up it gave me a couple of short beeps and didn't respond. I...
  8. KGLlewellyn

    Apple Network Server 700/150

    Please add pictures for sure, we never see enough of the ANS's!
  9. KGLlewellyn

    [ATTACH] [ATTACH] IIfx board purchased from @joshc works! Apparently J103 needed to be closed...

    IIfx board purchased from @joshc works! Apparently J103 needed to be closed? I've no idea why or what it even does but hey, I'll take the win
  10. KGLlewellyn

    Recreateing the Apple TechStep

    I appreciate the honest reply and that you're keen to preserve it for the future too. Thank you for your efforts, I hope to catch one on a future run that you might do, that being said I think I just fixed the IIfx that I would've needed it for. I may be good, for now! xD
  11. KGLlewellyn

    Recreateing the Apple TechStep

    Could I politely ask why you are not able to do so at the moment? There's a tonne of dead Macs out there and while I've gotten somewhat able to probe these things via the diagnostic mode and serial, it'd be far more helpful in repairing these machines and ultimately preserving them with a...
  12. KGLlewellyn

    iifx too far gone

    I got a question regarding how the power switch is supposed to work. My IIfx will power up properly from the Keyboard and rear switch, and it will shut down if specified in the Finder. However pressing the power switch while it is powered up will not do anything. As I haven't encountered a fully...
  13. KGLlewellyn

    3400c Service?

    Correct, 3400 does indeed use ATA.
  14. KGLlewellyn

    Quadra 950 Stuck on Grey Screen

    I've made progress with Diagnostic mode, it indeed reports an issue with the SCSI Bus. So my guess is probably a bad solder joint or failed SCSI Controller IC (NCR 53C96) - Incidentally, if anyone has a battery bombed board with a NCR 53C96, please hit me up! Diag mode test results Test...
  15. KGLlewellyn

    need Sonnet Presto PPC Mac OS 8.5/8.6 Enabler software

    This is quite funny because I just found it on one of my PPC upgraded Quadras today as well. I may compare versions between yours and mine and if they're different, I'll upload mine too. EDIT: Looks like they're the same!
  16. KGLlewellyn

    Mac SE - Single Pixel Thick Verticle Jail-lines

    Yep, already done that - mentioned it earlier in the thread.
  17. KGLlewellyn

    SE/30 HDD LED - Red or Yellow?

    SE/30s have always had yellow/amber LED's in my experience. Mine has one, although it hasn't been lit in around 23 years as my father swapped out the SCSI drive for a much larger one that didn't have a header for the activity LED. SE and 20SC's yeah they had red ones. Personally I like to go...
  18. KGLlewellyn

    Mac SE - Single Pixel Thick Verticle Jail-lines

    Righto, apologies for the massively delayed follow up. @quorten, thank you for your input, your recreation of the SE schematic has been very helpful. So far I think I've been able to verify that RDQ0 to RDQ15 have continuity between the LS245s and the BBU. You mentioned regarding RDO13? Was...
  19. KGLlewellyn

    Quadra 950 Stuck on Grey Screen

    Yes, it's attached. I could swap it with a known good one from my other 950, just in case it might've failed. I guess I could probably test this myself, but by your suggestion the 950 won't get to the flashing ? floppy icon if nothing's connected in either SCSI connector?
  20. KGLlewellyn

    Quadra 950 Stuck on Grey Screen

    Hmm, yeah. The more I think about it the more I feel it would be a SCSI issue. I'll see if I can take a look at the SCSI related IC's under the microscope and see if there's any cracked solder joints. Might give diagnostic mode a try too. Okay, U43 and U48 are 53C96 SCSI Controllers - One for...