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    9" Compact Completists?

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    9" Compact Completists?

    I've never seen an SE badged as 2/40, however I did own an 1/20 and still have an 1/40.
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    PB 165 clock madness

    Apparently 7.5 is kinda buggy on these machines, I just saw your other thread about the missing gray scales on the menu bars and such.
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    PB 165 clock madness

    Followup: I replaced the dead PRAM battery and right after the clock still behaved just as it did before. I booted 7.1, set the date and time and now even after sitting for several weeks without a (main) battery the machine behaves as it should and displays the current date and time.
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    Revive SCSI drive?

    The ProDrive LPS drives usually suffer from sticky rubber bumpers that prevent the heads from moving. I believe there are some threads with pictures on how to fix this.
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    Identifying SE vs SE/30 chassis

    Early style: Late style:
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    Macintosh SE/30 baterry Bombed - Vertical Lines after recap

    I would assume the missing diodes D1 and D2 would cause issues. Get two BAS40-06 back on these pads.
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    Netatalk 2.2.9 Released

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    Macintosh II Floppy Drive Stickers

    I believe these came with the SuperDrive upgrade kits. Perhaps your Mac II had the upgrade installed at a time but it was removed?
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    A funny picture (SE-FDHD)

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    Macintosh SE CRT issues

    The solder joints on the analog board should be checked. Also, a dirty brightness potentiometer can cause similar issues.
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    Classic CRT to SE/30 ?

    I just swapped the CRT out of a horribly battery bombed Classic into my SE/30. The floppy drive is compatible, too.
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    Waiting for BrownSCSI. 💩
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    PB165 screen

    I agree 100%. Do not use it in this condition as there will be electrolyte everywhere and it might short out one of the driver chips and ruin your LCD. Ask me how I learned that. I was too late with recapping my 165 LCD and half the screen kept glitching. I ended up getting another LCD and...
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    Macintosh Plus - error 01204E

    Congrats! Apparently corrupt ROMs aren't that uncommon on these machines.
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    Mouse and Keyboard issue on Macintosh SE

    I've come acrorss two MiniScribe drives recently and one of them just worked while the other one needed some oil to the bearing of the stepper motor and a low level format just as in your video. Since your drive shows loads of bad blocks I assume you're just out of luck, but you could try moving...
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    Mouse and Keyboard issue on Macintosh SE

    Nice, congrats on fixing up that machine. Makes me want to get another SE to fix up, especially since I have a good spare 20MB MiniScribe.
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    Quantum Hard Drives - which models can be (reasonably) fixed?

    ProDrive LPS can be fixed easily, ProDrive ELS has another bumper under the platters.
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    Macintosh Plus - error 01204E

    Reminds me of my Mac Plus that displayed 01002C. New ROMs fixed it.
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    Powerbook 100

    Same here with a PB 160 and 165. I even recapped the inverter board of the 165 and noticed no change whatsoever.