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  1. H3NRY

    Which Was The Best Compact Mac Made?

    For BEST compact Mac, I'd vote for the SE30. For FAVORITE compact, I have to go with my 128K first Mac, the one that got the Dr. Dobbs 512K upgrade, the one that I developed the 1 meg RAM board for and the internal SCSI hard drive for. That machine was sort of responsible for starting three...
  2. H3NRY

    Testing HD Performance & RAM In MDD Under X.4 or X.5

    For OS 10.5 up, there's the CLI "memtest" and the GUI front end for it "Rember". http://download.cnet.com/Rember/3000-2094_4-52452.html?tag=mncol;1 Here's a version for earlier OS X (shareware $1.39): http://download.cnet.com/Memtest/3000-2094_4-32926.html?tag=mncol;5 Nearly all benchmark...
  3. H3NRY

    ALERT: eBay Auction, Hyperdrive 512k in Disguise!

    The easy way to put a hard disk emulator in a Mac 512 is to add one of the SCSI-equipped upgrades and Mac Plus ROMs. From there, add a notebook SCSI drive like I have in mine, or use a SCSI-IDE adapter and a CF card or something like that. You can even beef up the analog board enough to run the...
  4. H3NRY

    ALERT: eBay Auction, Hyperdrive 512k in Disguise!

    Thanks for posting those pictures. Now there IS documentation of an MMI mechanism available. I guess I should post pictures of my old disk drives for reference too. That big list covers some short-lived drive manufacturers, even a couple who never reached production. Different from today with...
  5. H3NRY

    Mac II (and IIx) RAM limits

    The issue with large SIMMs (over 1 MB) in Mac II and Mac IIx is the video cards. 4 Mb chips added a new test mode, and it happens that the TFB video card would cause signals on the buss which would lock RAM into this test mode. Therefore, 4 MB and larger SIMMs for Mac IIs need a PAL or other...
  6. H3NRY

    Toby framebuffer losing sync

    Early Apple displays don't use the same scan frequencies as PCs did, so many multi-sync monitors don't work. A few which were compatible with the IBM PGA card (anyone remember the Professional Graphics Adapter?) would stretch far enough to cover Apple's Toby and other cards. Most LCDs are too...
  7. H3NRY

    Apple //e Trickery-ness!

    Excellent! The "slowness" is due to the serial baud rate, it looks like. To get the REAL feel of a remote log-in to a mainframe in the '70s, set your baud rates to 110 or 300 baud. 300 baud was the fastest Ma Bell (the monopoly phone company back then) allowed on her wires. You had to have...
  8. H3NRY

    I love LocalTalk

    Dang! Somebody actually used P-Shooters? I figured that was the most obscure gadget I ever worked on. P-Con never got beyond the 2 guys in a garage stage. Perhaps the "CEO" licensed the design to some Australian firm. My personal record for LocalTalk was 10,000 ft of cat 2 twisted pair. We had...
  9. H3NRY

    What's wrong with my 1984 Macintosh?

    The video problems are probably on the analog board. Check out the electrolytic capacitor at the top of the board - I forget what it's labeled, but it's the one which always overheats and fails. A search here will probably turn up repair advice. There may be other analog problems if sound is...
  10. H3NRY

    I love LocalTalk

    Routers and bridges were available to connect LocalTalk to Ethernet and Token Ring ranging from the Shiva FastPath down to little ones like the Farallon or Dayna Mini-EtherPrint that I use to connect my LocalTalk segment to Ethernet. Routers set up separate zones for each port. Bridges like the...
  11. H3NRY

    M0001 with original packaging!!!

    "Just like Steve Jobs did with his display back in 1984 (at least according to LEM)" Yeah, there isn't enough room in 128K for MacSpeak to say something as long as Mac's first speech. Steve would have had to cut a lot. I well believe he had a Fat Mac. Andy Hertzfeld confirmed the story. Have...
  12. H3NRY

    I love LocalTalk

    The Chooser let you choose a device which wasn't connected directly to your Apple. (Don't forget the Apple II.) It began as a LaserWriter interface, though it had been partially developed even earlier as a LAN within Apple's Fremont factory where Macs built Macs. AppleTalk was a breakthrough in...
  13. H3NRY

    Mac 512ke questions

    SOunds like the power supply voltage is fluctuating with load, as in floppy running or not. Caps are likely culprits, and the whistle may be from the flyback. Most usual problem there is cracked solder due to heat cycling. Reflow the solder on all the transformer joints and other hot parts in...
  14. H3NRY

    M0001 with original packaging!!!

    Nice find! Yanno if ya hadna mentioned the RAM here, nobody'd know it was upgraded. Just yer own little secret, and yanno what? It'll run a lot better and crash less with 512K, just between you n me. ;-) Very few 128s with good analog boards and working floppies these days. Most need a fair...
  15. H3NRY

    Added a PowerCD to the collection.

    It's a very nice-sounding CD player (Philips mechanism) but a slow 1st-generation CD-ROM. Most buyers were PowerBook owners who needed a battery-powered portable CD-ROM drive. Good find, especially with all the extras!
  16. H3NRY

    400K Mac floppy drives

    There were a couple of M0130 Mac 400K external drives and a Sun Remarketing 400K (same, but no Apple logo molded into case) for $5 ea at Austin's Goodwill Computer Store last Wednesday. I bought one of them and a M0100 mouse, also $5. Both pretty good looking, not very yellowed. If you're in the...
  17. H3NRY

    Upgraded 512K - my first Mac since 1995!

    Some people want absolutely factory original. Others want a maxed-out example. Maybe you can find someone who has a vanilla 512k who will swap boards with you. That would give him a stock-looking 512k that works like a Plus, which is a much more useful Mac. The Mac you have now is a pretty good...
  18. H3NRY

    Lion supported Cube

    Sticking a Mini into an older Mac is a natural way to modernize it. A Cube is easy, or a 128K, or an Apple II, if you want to run Lion on one. The biggest obstacle is often the monitor. OTOH, it means sacrificing the old computer as well as a new Mini which is kinda cool in its own right. As for...
  19. H3NRY

    Sawtooth hardware problems.

    Sure sounds like a bad drive to me.
  20. H3NRY

    Confusing Cube

    PRAM battery is pulled, as in you don't have one? That would account for a lot of random weirdness. You NEED a good battery in a Cube. Random shut-offs and turn-ons are likely related to the proximity sensor on-off switch. Much discussion on forum at cubeowner.com, but generally cleaning &amp...