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  1. ravuya

    LC III certain sound/s causes crash

    I also used to have a lot of problems with Sound Manager 3+ on my original LC, so you could try swapping that out for an earlier version if you do have that one loaded.
  2. ravuya

    Apple II 5.25 cleaning disk

    There is a person in Italy making new cleaning disks. I don’t think isopropyl works as well as whatever they used to use (Freon?) but I’m happy with mine. The seller is also super nice. Q-tips don’t work as well for me as those flat foam swabs. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/275298232195?
  3. ravuya

    Apple III "Diagnostic RAM" but only on power cycle

    Just got my heavily contaminated Apple III logic board cleaned up, plugged into my (mostly) recapped power supply and fired it up. The floppy drive and keyboard are not connected, because the keyboard needs a little more TLC and I didn't want to get involved with floppy drive madness at this...
  4. ravuya

    Apple /// restoration

    That's a really good tip, thank you. I had assumed I'd have to be the one making a new one, or hunting down a replacement part, but I hadn't done any research yet and wanted to see how bad it would be once I cleaned it. Maybe Jcm has a test method I can borrow :) I think this machine was pretty...
  5. ravuya

    Apple /// restoration

    I started stripping mine down. A trip to the sink has helped a lot, but the keyboard controller IC looks pretty rough. The plastics were grotty but have cleaned up alright with a toothbrush and a baking soda/water mixture. I washed the aluminum unibody in the shower and it turned out okay. I...
  6. ravuya

    Apple /// restoration

    Hooray! I can’t believe these sockets are so bad.
  7. ravuya

    Apple /// restoration

    Cheapo hardware store multimeters often have a capacitance test. I think my Canadian Tire $8 special can do it.
  8. ravuya

    Apple /// restoration

    I’ve tested suspect sockets before by doing a continuity test on the multimeter from the leg of the chip to the socket’s solder joints on the other side of the board. You can’t press too hard, or you may force the chip’s leg temporarily into the socket and get a false reading, but it generally...
  9. ravuya

    Apple /// restoration

    I’d like to build a clone some day, since the supply is a little constrained and prices are trending up. Seems more feasible than I had first assumed.
  10. ravuya

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction

    The other nice thing about having an aftermarket BBU that we know about is that it opens up another set of engineers that we could potentially track down and ask questions of. AF had some drivers here, but the link seems to be broken now.
  11. ravuya

    How to link a default icon resource to your built app from Symantec C++ 6 (THINK C)

    You can also trigger a desktop DB rebuild from TechTool and probably other tools like it. 
  12. ravuya

    PowerBook 180c, a very aggressive mold

    That looks very good even considering the bubbles! Promising stuff. I have just gotten a PowerBook 520 from Japan that has vinegar syndrome (attached). It will probably take some trial and error by the community to figure out just what the ideal method is for getting the new film installed.
  13. ravuya

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction

    Sorry to hear about your heart troubles. Your health definitely comes first; don’t feel bad about taking care of yourself for a bit, especially considering the crazy amount of progress you’ve already made on this in such a short time. 
  14. ravuya

    Daniël's Conquests

    If you need another, the original LC PSU power switch is an Arcolectric 8550V family. I replaced mine with a T8550VBAAA from Digikey for $2.
  15. ravuya

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    If anything, a NeXT ADB keyboard is less rare than a MacTV one. I had to look for awhile to find mine and got lucky. Super jealous of that trackball, though... who made it?
  16. ravuya

    New ResPatch patching tool

    Could you add a feature to have it make a backup of the files before patching them? What error does it give if you've already patched? I assume the target signature doesn't exist then.
  17. ravuya

    Lithium Polymer battery for PB100 (and maybe portable)

    That's an impressive bit of work, and so clean too. Is it possible to use a giant capacitor to keep things alive while the switchover happens, or is the relay just super-duper slow?
  18. ravuya

    Trick to desolder thru holes?

    Happy to help. It definitely made a recent job (Famicom AV board) go a lot smoother since I could just push old wires out of the holes. Since they were an impulse buy, it did take me a few months before I figured out this is what they were really good at. Usually in my experience cleaning...
  19. ravuya

    Performa 550 Logic board

    It looks a bit like humidity damage - Japanese machines often aren’t stored in anything approaching a climate-controlled environment. Try brushing a bit of vinegar and then alcohol on there first and see if it goes away.