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  1. finkmac

    Minolta Dimage Scan Dual film scanner

    Recently picked one of these up, with the negative and slide trays, thankfully. It didn't come with the driver CD unfortunately, and I've been unsuccessful in finding a copy. Anyone here have the drivers/CD? I'd love to get this thing running!
  2. finkmac

    Silencing Macintosh II

    So, thanks to somebody else's post on one of Larry Pina's books, I took a look through the "Macintosh II Repair and Upgrade Secrets" book for information on fans and such.   It seems there was a fan controller upgrade sold by "Nova International", which connected between the fan and power...
  3. finkmac

    Silencing Macintosh II

    So, I have a Mac II but… Man, the fan is rather VOOSHy, almost like a vacuum cleaner! Anyone had success replacing the PSU fan with something quieter? I understand that the PSU fan is the only thing cooling the entire system, but I'd still like to make it quieter… The Mac II uses a Panaflo...
  4. finkmac

    SCSI2SD and spindown

    I just got a few PowerBook 500 series power adapters, so I'm finally able to use the 540c and test the 2.5" SCSI2SD I received a few months ago. It works fine for the most part, however… Anything that involves the disk spinning down causes the machine to freeze. This could be the default...
  5. finkmac

    Fink's Conquests

    Well then, could a moderator help with converting the above images to attachments, please? Silly CD attempt: (That's a PowerMac G3 providing power to a 7100 CD drive + cable connected to the NeXTstation. The silly CD attempt worked! Hopefully the system can boot from the drive as well as...
  6. finkmac

    Fink's Conquests

    I figure I've finally purchased something worthy of a conquests post… Yep, a NeXTstation Mono. Maximum memory (32mb). Got it from a craigslist seller for $80. Decent condition. Somewhat dusty, a few dings in the case, and what appear to be a few paint splotches. Should clean up easily...
  7. finkmac

    Classic 1 Buzzing

    Searched the site, but I couldn't find any information on this. I recently acquired a 2nd Mac Classic. It's missing its case screws, so I opened it up... The little board at the end of the CRT was disconnected, so I reconnected it. When I tried powering it up, it made a buzzing noise, which...
  8. finkmac

    PowerBook 5300 Battery disassembly

    Not sure If I should post this here, but it seems appropriate… I'm trying to disassemble a leaking 5300 battery (want to remove the cells and put a few weights in there), but I can't seem to get the dang thing open… Haven't found any pictures of disassembly, either… Any advice on how I could...
  9. finkmac

    User account question [A/UX]

    Probably something minor, but when I try to log into my admin user account, it shows a terminal window for a couple of seconds, and then reloads the login page... What am I doing wrong?