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    Found this document...

    Seems to work for me...
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    Found this document...

    I was going through my pile of stuff and found a document the last guy left me.  The paperclip left some rust in the scan but this might be information worth archiving.
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    40 MB disks on eBay

    Pretty cool deal - I'm considering one as I'd love to have an authentic machine with a spinning drive (call me crazy) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-SE-Quantum-40-s-40MB-SCSI-Hard-Drive-mac-plus-NEW-OLD-STOCK/254764621805?hash=item3b51279fed:g:bKoAAOSw82hfnXcL
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    Two button ADB Mouse Repair

    So I got old clicky clickerton out of the stack of stuff I bought recently.  The left microswitch was wasted so I went with a new one (have about 6-7 switches for modern Logitech mice).  Turns out the switches are identical today as the ones in this unit.  Soldered the new in place of the old...
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    Mac IIsi rescue project

    Found this machine on Craig's about 20 minutes from my house - for free.  Picked it up today.  It's a basket case.  One amazing thing is that the power supply appears to be in working order.  I get all the proper Voltages yet the board doesn't turn on.  Going to order the capacitors and soak the...
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    SE/30 recap with lifted pad

    I think you're referring to C6 near UB10 and UB11.  That capacitor is small and is adjacent to UB11.  In the schematic it is labeled SND-R-A/D which means it could be a filter of some sort for the A to D converter for the Right sound channel.  You likely have mono audio on this unit and can't...
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    Mac SE/30 boots but... CRT displays diagonal lines and no actual video

    I need some additional help please.  Four of my traces are so trashed underneath that I simply can't use them.  They are marked in the image in yellow and green.  I am 99% certain the green traces simply go to the small test points below them.  I have followed the yellow dots on my UE8 and I...
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    Local Craigslist buy here in South Denver

    First I'll say I am super grateful for this forum and the folks who have the knowledge and experience that they're sharing.  Early in October I picked up a rather large lot of stuff. 1. Mac SE in the box with all the books, styrofoam and documentation and disks.  Hard drive is wasted but floppy...
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    Mac SE/30 boots but... CRT displays diagonal lines and no actual video

    Good evening, I'm new to the forum as I haven't had any classics for the last ten years.  I was heavily into Color Classic and have modded several Takky's.  Wished I still had one of them... I've recently purchased a collection of old Macs.  Two SE's and an SE/30 came in the pile.  The SE/30...