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  1. Quadraman

    Mid-2010 Macbook white

    Scooped up the last of the white Macbooks. Has 2gb RAM and 250gb hard drive for $100 but going in is 16gb, 2tb Seagate Firecuda SSHD and higher capacity battery from OWC. They're good with High Sierra without hacks, believe it or not. Going to run with this setup until prices come down on a non...
  2. Quadraman

    9600/200MP vs G3 upgrades

    So does anyone know at what speed a single G3 begins to outperform the dual 604e's on this card? 
  3. Quadraman

    New in sealed box IXMicro IX3D Ultimate Rez

    This was a high end card back in the day that went toe to toe against Number Nine's Imagine 128 for Mac. It wasn't as good as an ATi Rage for gaming, since it only provided acceleration at very high resolutions, but came with a massive software bundle. Paid $40 for it. I thought the software...
  4. Quadraman

    Games/software that REQUIRE an 030 or 040 to run?

    Are there any? 
  5. Quadraman

    Conquested an ethernet adapter for SE/30

    I conquested an Asante MacCon during my "forced absence" by the mods, so it's a not very recent. I managed to score it for only $85 as opposed to the close to $200 that they normally go for these days. I saw that price and couldn't let it pass. 
  6. Quadraman

    Oh, the blasphemy!

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Vintage-Apple-Mac-Macintosh-SE-Model-M5011-Computers-1987-Retro-Paint-Decor-/281186080947?pt=US_Vintage_Computers_Mainframes&hash=item4177ff18b3 :O
  7. Quadraman

    Mac 512K w/Hyperdrive

    Scored this for a good price even if the Hyperdrive doesn't work or is missing. It powers on, but I haven't had a chance to crack the case yet. It's heavier than my other 128k/512k machines so no reason to assume there isn't a hard drive in there. Also came with a carry bag, keyboard/mouse...
  8. Quadraman

    Graphite Airport UFO

    I have the original graphite Airport base and wondered if anyone has upgraded the internal card to anything better than an Orinoco Gold card? Is there anything that supports a faster wifi standard or tougher encryption? Do you need a 5v card to upgrade these? I've seen 5v wireless g cards and...
  9. Quadraman

    Newton eMate 300

    Working, in good condition with stylus and power supply $16.00. ;D
  10. Quadraman

    G4-533DP $19.99!

    It's a parts machine, (power supply bad, hard drive removed) but was being listed only as a 533mhz, nothing said about the dual processor but the photo of the back clearly showed it as a dual processor model. The ethernet port on my single 533 went bad so I am going to combine parts to get the...
  11. Quadraman

    Hard Disk Speedtools

    The biggest reason I didn't get it before is because it was always expensive to buy it directly from them and I could never find it used. I found a copy for $6, just the CD in a jewel case, no box or manual. Handy thing to have.
  12. Quadraman

    Getting shocked

    I had my Q700 in the IIvx case open recently and my hand brushed the metal case and I got shocked. i thought it was a static discharge, but when I touched it again, another shock. I can't see any places where electricity might be arcing from the power cable or power supply into the case. What do...
  13. Quadraman

    I know I just made one of you unhappy with this score

    Supermac Thunder II WITH the DSP daughter board. :lol: So which 68kmla'ers were bidding against me?
  14. Quadraman

    9 on a 601 upgraded Quadra?

    So I was playing around with the idea of adding a second drive to my 7500 as the 500mb drive I was using is too small. I decided to just put a bigger drive in and upgrade one of my other machines with the 500mb but which one? My homemade Quadra 700 came to mind but the drive has 9.0.4 on it and...
  15. Quadraman

    Cloning IIsi ROMs

    Is anyone here cloning IIsi ROMs? PM, please.
  16. Quadraman

    Beige G3. Does it belong in this list?

    Shouldn't the beige G3 be in with the PCI Powermacs since it's an Old World machine?
  17. Quadraman

    Here's a puzzler

    A few weeks ago I got a 9600/300. It has a strange malady. When you power it up for the first time, it bongs but doesn't boot. When you turn it off and power it up a second time, it boots normally. It also restarts normally. It only happens when you cold boot. It had some expansion cards...
  18. Quadraman

    Changing an upgraded 512k back

    I found from decoding the serial of one of my Pluses that it started life as a 512k (not 512ke) and I was thinking of changing it back. It seems I can get everything but the case bucket. I haven't decided to do it yet, but I want to put some feelers out and see if anyone has the pieces I would...
  19. Quadraman

    512ke rare?

    Has anyone noticed how few 512ke's have been on ebay lately? There's been more 1984 Macintosh 128k's than 512ke's and there's been plenty of 512k's.
  20. Quadraman

    Symbolics Macivory Quadra 650?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/Symbolics-MacIvory-model-3-in-Quadra-650-workstation_W0QQitemZ110507745074 Has anyone heard of this one?