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  1. mcdermd

    Quadra 950 ... Mostly Dead

    Not all dead. MOSTLY dead. Looking for a clue here ... I picked up a Quadra 950 last week and it game me half the chimes of death on the first boot. I removed four of the memory modules and it started booting normally so I figured it was good. I took it apart today to give it a thorough...
  2. mcdermd

    GONE!?! NO! download.info.apple.com

    http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates is GONE! What to do?
  3. mcdermd

    Blackbird Prototype AKA PowerBook YYY

    I'm sure there are many that don't read my "My Latest" thread so I figured I'd link up to this find I procured the other weekend. It came from a former Apple employee and is fairly well worn. But what can you say, it's a prototype. I figured it's interesting enough to put a heads-up for...
  4. mcdermd

    IIgs lost it's floppy

    I've been doing some work with my IIgs recently. It had been working well as I went through the rpocess of getting it to network boot off of a Mac II running Appleshare File Server 2. No issues. I went to run Mousepaint on it today so I flipped the slot configuration in the boot-time control...
  5. mcdermd

    Quadra 840AV: No A

    Something ... happened I got my 840AV plugged in and was having some boot issues. At that point I checked the logic board and noticed several leaking caps so I pulled it, cleaned it and recapped it. I put it all back together, sorted my boot issues, reloaded the original System 7.1 from the...
  6. mcdermd

    Socketed vs Soldered ... Fight!

    Uniserver and I were tossing around a theoretical question ... Do you think that socketed or soldered 68030 processors would perform better, worse or the same in bechmarking when all other factors are the same? I'm tempted to test this simply to answer the question but curious to know what...
  7. mcdermd

    RadiusWare for System 6.0.3

    Anyone know which version of RadiusWare works with System 6.0.3? Trying to egt my original Mono Pivot display (model 191) working with the FPD-90 Pivot II card in my IIcx but the newer (2.3+) versions of RadiusWare seem to be bombing the boot process.
  8. mcdermd

    This is an FPU for ... what?

    It certainly appears to be for an LC. The LC PDS and general size seem to hint at it. But the clock runs at 25 MHz. The only LC at 25 MHz would be the LC III and it has an FPU socket on the logic board. The packaging is marked as a 25 MHz FPU for a Classic II but the Classic II doesn't have an...
  9. mcdermd

    IIcx Power Woes

    So, I've been doing rounds with this Iicx I've got. I know there are a ton of tips on IIcis with capacitor and Astec power supply problems but this IIcx has been fully recapped and has a GE power supply. I've opened the power supply and don't see any physical damage to any components. The old...
  10. mcdermd

    Lapis Color PDS/30 Video Card

    So, I ended up with one of these in a big lot of video cards. I know that the Micron Xceed Color card can be used with an adapter to run the internal display in greyscale. Is there anything similar for this card (or any other SE/30 cards)?
  11. mcdermd

    G3 AIO Power Supply Jumper

    Uniserver hooked me up with a Power Mac G3 AIO and while tearing it down, I noticed something I haven't seen on another Mac before - a power supply jumper to switch between a Mac or PS/2 power supply. It's located just above the PCI slots, near the CUDA reset button. I know that Power...
  12. mcdermd

    Monitor //c is rolling

    I have a monitor //c. It's nice and bright and works really well except for the fact that there is a slow rolling, horizontal wave that sweeps from the bottom up. It takes maybe eight or nine seconds to complete a cycle. Any ideas on where to look first?
  13. mcdermd

    Reset eMate 300

    I'm about to pull my hair out here. I did a hard reset of an eMate 300 and now the NewtonWorks suite is gone. When I attempt to install the NW packages from the Mac, it tells me that it cannot activate them on the eMate because these versions on "Internal" conflict with a version already...
  14. mcdermd

    Wallstreet with a Negative Display

    So I picked up this Wallstreet parts bucket for a couple of dollars. It's obviously been dropped at one point while closed and hit on the corner of the display and optical drive sled. So far as I can tell, it seems to be cosmetic. I took it apart and all boards and ribbons appeared to be intact...
  15. mcdermd

    Battery Meters

    I really dislike the floating Battery DA so I've been looking unsuccessfully for a battery meter menu item for system 7 to go on my PowerBook 100. There was one I remember that had several (six?) different visualizations for battery level - speedometer, clock, bar, etc. Anyone know which one I'm...
  16. mcdermd

    My Latest ...

    Grabbed a few Portland Craigslist lots: 2 working SE/30s 2 Classics (one working, one not) 1 SE "FDHD" badged 1 800k external 1 Apple 3.5" external 1 Apple 5.25" external 1 IIGS ADB keyboard 2 short board telephone style keyboards (one in styrofoam box) 2 extended telephone style...
  17. mcdermd

    Software "timeline"?

    I have a friend that sent me an email with an interesting question: It does seem like something that would be interesting and possibly useful. Does anybody know of such a thing?
  18. mcdermd

    Color Classic

    FOR FREE! Well, mostly. It came across the LEM swap list as a free Color Classic and Centris 650, pick up only in North Carolina. My buddy Brian lives in NC and was gracious enough to meet up with the owner and ship it out to me. Looks pretty good on the outside but it seems that every...
  19. mcdermd

    Hand me downs

    Got a few hand-me-downs from a friend clearing out some space: Macintosh SE - 800k/20MB MiniScribe HD. Starts up but the MiniScribe has an error. Maybe just stiction   Macintosh SE/30 - Capacitor issues   Macintosh LC - still need to fire it up and see what's happening and what's not   A few...
  20. mcdermd

    University Surplus finds

    Found an SE/30 at the university surplus today. Came with a black Apple branded canvas bag, keyboard, mouse, some original paperwork. $15! Despite how clean it is inside (looks nearly brand-new under the slightly-yellowed covers) it seems to be suffering from some bad caps: I should just...