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  1. Unknown_K

    Anybody work on G3 AIO Power Supplies?

    I recently received a G3 AIO machine from a forum member. While checking it out I think the 12v side of the PS is dead under 2V (5V works fine so the fan spins up but thats it). I did get a floppy icon on screen a few times before but none of the drives spun up and now nothing.
  2. Unknown_K

    Its been a while

    Today I got in a shrinkwrapped boxed Labview for mac v 3.11 with the full manual set. Since I have some A/D and GPIB Nubus boards IO figured this would be fun to play with. I do love vintage boxed apps and it has been a while since I snagged any for the mac.
  3. Unknown_K

    Some OSX conquests.

    I like to collect retail and machine specific mac OS disks. Today I got in a boxed retail OSX Tiger 10.4, a few weeks ago I snagged a retail boxed OSX Panther 10.3.  These cans till be found pretty cheap. I also have 10.5 in that small retail box and 10.6 in the small paper slipcase (or...
  4. Unknown_K

    Dead Mac II

    Recently I snagged an original Mac II for the collection.  I removed the soldered on batteries and installed a battery holder (stolen from my spare IIx) and replaced the old SMT capacitors. Machine will not turn on with keyboard or back button, swapped a known good PS in same thing. Jump...
  5. Unknown_K

    Need help with a dead G5 1.8ghz DP PCIX tower

    Last Sunday I snagged a 1.8ghz DP PCIX (8 RAM slot) G5 tower and I finally got around to looking at it. The machine makes a clunk clunk noise when I plug it into a live power strip or disconnect power but otherwise it is dead. No lights on the motherboard that I can see, start switch does...
  6. Unknown_K

    What drives do you use with your IIgs system?

    My main IIgs has 4 floppy drives (2x 3.5" and 2x 5.25") mostly because that is the max you can connect. Does anybody still use 5.25" drives and disks or do you guys just use 3.5" (or a gotek type emulator)?
  7. Unknown_K

    GS RAM Plus software

    Anybody have a link for the GS RAM Plus diagnostic software disk? I have the card and recently came into some RAM chips so I upgraded the card from 1MB to 5MB. Wanted to check to make sure the chips work.
  8. Unknown_K

    Hard to find G5 items

    After looking on and off for over a year I seem to have finally snagged an ATTO UL5D SCSI 320 card for my G5 PCIE tower. These 8x PCIE SCSI cards seem to be the only ones that will work in a G5 PCIE machine. People list these as $50+ but I was lucky enough to find one for $20 shipped. You can...
  9. Unknown_K

    Dead G4 MDD

    I went to turn on the G4 MDD under my desk to burn a DL-DVD and it was dead (166 FSB DP 1.33ghz). The machine has been running fine for years (maybe a few times a month), now no sighns of anything. I popped in a good working PS (my spare) and it just makes the door fan jiggle a little, no...
  10. Unknown_K

    Finally fixed my LC 1

    Finally got around to recapping the TDK power supply in my LC I. Was swapping supplies between it and my other LC machines when I needed to use it. Anybody run these with 2 floppy drives (only LC you can do that with)?
  11. Unknown_K

    Is the 660AV case the same as the 6100?

    Was wondering if the 660av case was the same as a 6100 as in the CDROM bezels are interchangeable. I recently won a 660av (no idea if it works, not here yet), and was looking into upgrades if I get it working.
  12. Unknown_K

    Deadish Powerbook A1138

    I recently snagged a Powerbook G4 1138 (Last of the G4 15.2" laptops with high resolution screen and DDR2 RAM) and it doesn't work. Removed the PRAM battery and installed a nice 160GB IDE drive (one of the fastest IDE laptop drives made). The HD is a clone of my G4 MDD drive. The unit bongs...
  13. Unknown_K

    Q950 removable drive bezels on ebay cheap

  14. Unknown_K

    Powerbook G3's vs Ibook G3's which is better?

    What do you guys prefer in G3 laptops, the old Black Powerbooks (Wallstreet, Lombard, Pismo) or the newer iBook G3's?
  15. Unknown_K

    Anybody bother collecting G4/G5 Xserves?

    As the title says, anybody bother collecting old G4/G5 Xserve gear? Are they any more reliable then the same generation G4 MDD and G5 Powermacs? Louder or hotter running?
  16. Unknown_K

    Any chance you can flash a 7600GS from a mac Pro to use in a G5?

    Anybody ever flash a PCIE Mac Pro 7600GS for use on a PCIE G5? I know there is firmware for the AGP version of the 7600gs, but what about the PCIE one?
  17. Unknown_K

    12" Powerbook G4 - fan won't turn off?

    Messing with one of my Powerbook G4 12" 1.33ghz laptops and the fan will not turn off. The unit isn't running hot or anything, but the second you turn it on the fan is revving and won't quit (does turn off if you shut the lid for sleep mode). Any ideas?
  18. Unknown_K

    Unknown_K's latest conquests.

    Figured I might as well start a topic for conquests. Latest 3 machines are laptops: iBook G3 14" 600mhz, video seems kind of flacky, HD needed replaced, has Max RAM, mouse plug needed re attached. iBook G4 14" 1.33Ghz, just needed a reformat and some cleaning. iBook G4 14" 1.42Ghz. Needed...
  19. Unknown_K

    Imac g5 20" 1.8ghz shuts down after a couple minutes

    Just got in a G5 Imac 20" 1.8ghz machine that shuts down after a few minutes of running. The other G5 Imacs I have just never booted but turned on and stayed on (after a recap they work 100%). Is this just in need of a recap or is the power supply suspect?
  20. Unknown_K

    Anybody here ever run a IIfx with A Tokamac accelerator?

    Many years ago I snagged a Tokamac IIfx PDS card (2004 ish). The software was vaporware for it so I contacted the original creator (Andrew W Donoho) and he sent me the correct drivers for it. He also told me the IIfx motherboards had defects from the factory with respect to bus mastering so you...