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  1. Stephen

    Weller WE 1010NA Backlight Mod (Open Source)

    I have no clue if this is helpful to anyone here, but I made a backlight mod for the Weller WE 1010NA. I have a few boards for sale ($10 + shipping) but the project itself is open source and designed so you can order them pre-assembled from JLCPCB. The goal of the project was primarily to show...
  2. Stephen

    ROMinator Update

    I've made a few small updates to the original ROM-inator project by Big Mess O' Wires. Anyone interested can find the details in my GitHub repo — if you enjoy this project please leave a star, it's the closest I can get internet karma 😅 Please remember, the original ROM-inator is deprecated and...
  3. Stephen

    Open Source 68-Pin 512kb VRAM

    I've released the schematics, gerbers, and PCB files for a VRAM version based on the Apple 820-0605-A 512kb VRAM (GitHub). If you appreciate this project I encourage you to star the GitHub repository and share it with friends.
  4. Stephen

    Color Classic - No Video

    I have a color classic which appears to have a problem with the analog board. Would anyone be willing to offer some advice on where to start? Debugging so far: Checked the CRT on another (working) CC and it works fine! Checked the logic board on the working CC and it works fine...
  5. Stephen

    G4 Cube - Flashed GPU

    I'm reasonably new to the world of GX macs but recently acquired a G4 Cube and would like to leave the world of ADC behind me. Would someone be willing to flash, test, and ship a GPU to me? I'm happy to pay for both the card and service or just service alone if you prefer I get the card. Oh...
  6. Stephen

    DIY Mac Plus ROM Chips (Giveaway)

    I recently posted a tutorial which covers how to make replacement ROMsI recently posted a tutorial which covers how to make replacement ROMs for the Mac Plus. It's directly applicable to earlier compacts, such as the 128k and 512k. The process is similar for the Macintosh Classic & Classic...
  7. Stephen

    Replacement Battery Cover for Mac Plus (Open Source 3D Files)

    I've recently published the open source files for a dimensionally accurate battery cover replacement. You can find the files here or buy 3D prints here ($0.50 markup over manufacturing costs).
  8. Stephen

    Macintosh Plus - Analog Board Clicking

    A few months ago I bought an analog board (PN: 630-0102-J) knowing it did not work. I was hoping it could be resolved with a good cleaning, fresh caps, and maybe some reflowed solder joints but alas — here I am. I have replaced all of the caps I have reflowed all of the solder joints (yes...
  9. Stephen

    Macintosh Plus - Repair Help

    Hello, I purchased this Macintosh Plus knowing there was some Bad Things™ going on. I describe the steps I've taken below but I need suggestions from more experienced folks. Before we begin, I want to point out that I did not recap the logic or analog board — they appear pristine. I've recapped...
  10. Stephen

    New Project: Apple ADB Mouse G5431 Shell

    I recently released a dimensionally accurate 3D copy of the Apple ADB Mouse G5431 shell; with this mouse being a classic design, my intention is make sure people could print replacement parts or an entire shell. The source files are included so people can also customize the shell (two mouse...