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  1. GaiusIuliusCaesar

    Designing RaSCSI case for CM4 IO board and OLED questions

    I am working on getting a RaSCSI setup for using the Raspberry PI Compute Module 4. I have the I/O board and 1GB ram CM4 Lite(no onboard EMMC). I wanted to use a 2GB or 4GB version but they are out of stock at work due to chip shortage(I am a repair tech at Microcenter). Anyway, the whole...
  2. GaiusIuliusCaesar

    Centris 650 heatsink clip dimensions, looking to model replacement to 3d print

    I am looking for the dimensions for the bracket that holds the heatsink for a Centris 650. It is label 830-0115. I want to model and 3d print a replacement that includes a small fan mount. Googling that number didn't help. I plan to use Polycarbonate(PC) for printing so should hold up to the...