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    Is audio playback on a Classic even possible?

    Hello! Yesterday, I got a Macintosh Classic. Without keyboard and mouse through, but it works. I originally wanted to do what I like to do on many computers, as in: play a song. I know very well that mp3 is out of the question - I played mp3 320kbps cbr on a Quadra 900 and it had a hard time...
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    I seek a compatible SCSI controller...

    ... for a Power Mac G4. Requirements: 1. PCI (of course). 2. OS9-compatible. 3. Should have a DB25 SCSI port. Were there any? And if, what are the models, or PN/FRU numbers?
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    My Powerbook 5300 is a mess

    MY 530)CS also doesn't have hinges; one of these was broken in a way that prevented to open or close it without using force, so I removed them. I should propably screw the upper part together sometime... (Yes, the trackpad works, I just prefer to use a mouse. I wish it was optical, through]
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    68k Wars: The Quadra 900 Menace

    Hello! I just got a Macintosh Quadra 900 today. I planned to install A/UX on it, but that's another thing, first I wanted to have at least MacOS. It got two hard drives: the Quantum ProDrive ELS, and Seagate ST51090N, neither of which seem it boots from. I made the A/UX boot floppy, and it...