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  1. 68k family

    Quadra 650 and Houdini II Dos Card

    well, this has been a fun project. I don’t have a 6100 or the proper PDS adapter card to use my 486 DX2 dos card in my Centris 610 (which doesn’t work anyway at the moment.) so I decided to try it in my Quadra 650. I didn’t have any of the Dos or windows disks, so I found those, same with the...
  2. 68k family

    Color StyleWriter pro

    Anyone still use a Color StyleWriter pro? What are you all still using for printing?
  3. 68k family

    SuperMac spectrum/24 IV

    I have this video card in my quadra 650 and every time I restart its back to black and white. Anyone have the drivers/control panels for this card?
  4. 68k family

    Good quadra 650 video card?

    Want to get millions of colors on my 20" multiple scan display at a high resolution. Am I all wet here on a 68k Mac? The onboard video won't do it so what Nubus card do I need?
  5. 68k family

    Centris 610 no boot

    Well damnit anyway...I've been horribly busy, haven't been here in a long time and I've recently been using my centris a lot lately and it has worked flawlessly.. Until last night. I turn it on and after the boot chime I get the chimes of death - instantly. The monitor never wakes up, no image...
  6. 68k family

    Performa 631 ram

    Why on earth is the max ram in this Mac an odd amount? I haven't tried to put a 32mb simm in the slot labeled 16mb max... But I was curious if anyone ever tried, or modified this? What's the biggest hard drive you have ever run in one of these? Mine still has the factory 500mb disk.
  7. 68k family

    Centris 610 won't boot...

    Had my centris 610 re-capped a year ago since it became all voodoo... Since then it has worked flawlessly, until Friday night when my daughter turned it on and nothing... Monitor remains asleep but the hard drive spins up and the power led lights up. I've disconnected the SCSI devices (color...