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  1. John8520

    Mid-05 12" iBook G4/1.33 CPU PLL Resistors?

    I have a few of these iBook G4s, and I'd like to take a swing at overclocking them a smidge (or underclocking for better battery life, perhaps?) I found this forum post from 2010 regarding an 800Mhz iBook G4 overclock, but this model does not have PLL resistors in the same place. Below is a...
  2. John8520

    Looking for scheduled reboot utility

    Hey all, Years ago I had a utility for scheduling reboots in system 7, 8, and 9 - the sort of thing you might run on a file server, for example. I'm trying to find it but I'm coming up empty handed. I've looked at Cron Manager, but I don't like it, and I know for sure it's not the utility I used...
  3. John8520

    Overclocked QS'02 CPU - Crashes X, but 9 is perfectly fine?

    Hello all! I recently got a wonderful CPU module from herd for my Quicksilver. As a 1.87GHz 7448, it's more than powerful enough as is, but I've read good things about 7448s being overclocked so I wanted to try my luck. The die is marked 1700, so it already has a modest overclock, but some...
  4. John8520

    Flashing a Radeon X800 Pro for a G4?

    Hey all, Digging through a parts bin last night I came across a PC Radeon X800 Pro that I forgot I had. It's a good AGP card, and there were Radeon X800s shipped with Mac firmware (both in the G5 and as retail variants) - but these are the "XT" version, which, as far as I can tell, is the same...
  5. John8520

    Thoughts on repairing an ADB Keyboard II

    I recently got an ADB Keyboard II along with some other older mac gear recently. It is in wonderful physical condition (minimal yellowing, very clean, no scratches, etc) but unfortunately many of the keys don't work. The numpad doesn't work at all, and only about 2/3 of the main keys work. I...
  6. John8520

    B&W G4/500 upgrade issues

    Hey all, About a year ago I ordered one of these G4/500/1M chips from ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/233367347233 Tonight I decided to finally get around to popping it in my B&W. Unfortunately, I've run into some issues. I set the jumper block to 500MHz w/ a 100MHz bus, which I assume...
  7. John8520

    Recording an iSight in OS9?

    Hey All, I'm trying to record from a first gen iSight on a TiBook in 9.2.2. In OSX I can use Quicktime 7.5 Pro to open it as a video input device and record directly, but I can't find how to do that in OS9. Does anyone know if this is possible? I used DV cameras in OS9 and iMovie years ago, but...
  8. John8520

    iMac G4/800 15" - White Screen at Boot

    I happened across a very reasonably priced iMac G4 today and decided I just couldn't turn it down. It's a 15" 800MHz model, one that can actually run OS9, which I find very appealing. The machine is very clean outside and only had minimal dust inside. The owner didn't know anything about it and...
  9. John8520

    G4 Gigabit Ethernet Bodge Diodes?

    Was poking around with my GigE G4 earlier today and I happened to notice something interesting on the voltage regulator near the ADC power connector, VR1500. It looks like two diodes in series, soldered back to back, on pins two and three. Anyone see this before?
  10. John8520

    Cube G4/450!

    Was out of town for work yesterday and on my way home I decided to stop into a local thrift store to have a poke around, and what do you do know, there was a cube sitting all alone on a shelf! It had a sticker saying it was untested and had no cables, and a search of the adjacent cable bins for...
  11. John8520

    Radeon 7000 PCI - is this one mac compatible?

    I picked up this PCI Radeon 7000 on ebay this past week for my B&W and so far it's not working in my B&W or QS. https://www.ebay.com/itm/122883099623  Seller has it listed as G4/G5 compatible. This is how it shows up in ASP in 9.2.2 on the QS. ASP in OSX shows pretty much the same...
  12. John8520

    The $10 Beige G3 Minitower to close out the year.

    I'm out of town for the holidays, and the past few days have been slow. Checked local listings for anything interesting, and sure enough, $10 G3 MT only about 20 minutes away on LetGo. Drove out and picked it up this morning, haven't tested it yet (all my gear is at the house) but it's in...
  13. John8520

    Original 1998 iPhone

    Came across this guy at a thrift store for $3 and I just had to get it. It's got a web browser, email client, can browse phone directories, and even make calls! I have a magic jack kicking around that I'm going to hook it up to.
  14. John8520


    I've been looking for a Quicksilver for a few years now. They're my favorite style of the G4 towers (the B&W is my favorite of this style tower overall) and they seem to be fairly rare, at least as far as crossing paths with me goes. Granted, I have been being fairly picky - holding out for...
  15. John8520

    Rev. 2 B&W refusing to boot from anything

    Hey Guys, I picked up what I thought was a great deal on a B&W off craigslist last night, and now I can't help but wonder if it's cursed. The previous owner said it worked a few years ago when he last used it, but we all know how that goes....  Anyway, here's what I know so far. Also, I...
  16. John8520

    7600/120, AppleVision 1710, and Other Goodies

    Very lucky craigslist find, been looking for some beige for a while. Out of town visiting family and I decided to cruise CL and I stumbled across this kit, very reasonably priced. Bought it from the original owner, an ex-freelance graphic/web designer who used this as her workhorse up until...
  17. John8520

    Sawtooth and Clamshell

    After an incredibly long dry spell looking on craigslist, I decided to try and check out the "letgo" and "offer up" apps. I was rewarded almost immediately, only after wading through all the old ipads, iphones, apple watches, and macbooks, did I come across a sawtooth (with a NEC 17" LCD) for...
  18. John8520

    Macintosh SE (M5010)

    Not a whole lot to say about this one yet, as I don't have anything to test it with yet. Picked it up at a computer-centric thrift store this morning for $30. It's a dual-800k/1MB model that has an aftermarket HDD upgrade - not sure if the lower FD was upgraded to an FDHD. It's clean overall...
  19. John8520

    PowerBook G3 Lombard

    I've been out of the old mac game for a long time (years.) Was digging through craigslist late yesterday, as you do on a Friday night, and I lucked into finding a PowerBook G3 listed at $65, not far away. Pictures suggested a Pismo or Lombard (eventually narrowed to a Lombard as it says...
  20. John8520

    Anyone ever used "Pooch"?

    Yesterday I set up five G4/400s all with nearly identical installs of OS9.2.2 with the hope of being able to use Pooch to make a little cluster to play around with - generating fractals and such. Each machine has a different IP & number, and they can all see eachother in chooser as well as...