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  1. MOS8_030

    Lisa 2 or Macintosh XL owners?

    I'd sell you mine if you were within reasonable driving distance. Not gonna even try to ship it.
  2. MOS8_030

    Can you connect two PowerPC iMacs with a Ethernet cable.

    A crossover cable will work for sure, however a regular cable may also work without a hub, At some point Apple started using ethernet hardware that would auto-sense the connection.
  3. MOS8_030

    The compact Mac krewe

    Apple got a lot of mileage out of that form factor.
  4. MOS8_030

    OS X 10.2 vs 10.4 on Quicksilver

    10.4 Tiger was the first version of OSX that was actually usable. I too would recommend it over any earlier release. I can't imagine anything that would run better on 10.2 vs. 10.4.
  5. MOS8_030

    Quickie project: iPod 4G, now with 128GB of flash storage!

    Neat! I did something similar with my 4G iPod a few years back. The hard drive died so I installed a 60 gig CF card with an adapter. It works ok but the CF card is too slow so the iPod pauses occasionally to buffer the data. I've been meaning to get a faster CF card but I might just check out...
  6. MOS8_030

    TenFourFox development has ended

    Yeah this is sad. I still use my MDD G4 for a few internet things. It may be time to just let it go and find a newer iMac. :(
  7. MOS8_030

    G4 MDD not booting

    Yes, couldn't hurt to try another PS before you move on to other things.
  8. MOS8_030

    G4 MDD not booting

    Although it sounds like someone has done some work on this system I would suspect the power supply has failed or is failing. This is a pretty common failure mode with these systems. I would verify that the PS is working or not before swapping any other parts. I replaced two OEM power supplies on...
  9. MOS8_030

    Macintosh Portable ExpressModem?

    Looks like it could be this. Even though the PN is different. Or a version of it.
  10. MOS8_030

    Mac XL downgrade back to 2/10

    That's pretty slick! Nice work.
  11. MOS8_030

    Help: IDE to Compact Flash not working

    Try to find a replacement card with faster read/write speeds.
  12. MOS8_030

    Help: IDE to Compact Flash not working

    Have you tried partitioning the 4 gig CF card onto 2 gig (or smaller) partitions? Also, speed may be a factor. Some CF cards write speeds are pretty slow even compared to old HD's.
  13. MOS8_030

    Getting over my fear of taking apart the iBook G4.

    I had to replace a screen on a G4 iBook. Replacing the screen required disassembling the entire laptop. Ridiculously difficult. Apple used an absolutely stupid number of different sized screws. And I had one screw left over as well. I spent a lot of time trying to find its home and finally just...
  14. MOS8_030

    Mac SE and a Novy 68030

    Yes, exactly.
  15. MOS8_030

    Cache of old Macintosh 128k disks from 1983 with prototype software

    Neat, thx for posting. Lol! That's brilliant!
  16. MOS8_030

    G4 MDD main PSU connector pinout

    Here's how I mounted mine. I used a couple of sheet metal screws through the top. (under the plastic of course.) I first tried some double-sided foam tape but it wouldn't hold long term. These pictures were taken before I was completely finished. I also had to get an ATX extension cable to be...
  17. MOS8_030

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    As an update to this project I finally found a reasonably priced 68882 FPU on ebay last week. I installed it in my card today and ran a few bench marks. It looks like I now have the equivalent of a B&W IIci. :) I may go ahead and try 7.1 on this and see how it works. Crutch, I'm sorry...
  18. MOS8_030

    Macintosh Portables Dead

    Yes, the Portable needs a good 9V battery to be installed. I use this lead-acid battery. It will fit inside the portable, and trimmed down a bit can be fitted into the original battery case. Although theoretically the battery you have should work as well. It is likely your Portable will need...
  19. MOS8_030

    Novy Systems accelerator for SE from 1987 at 50MHz?

    Here's the manual for the Novy Quik30. (Your card is a Novy Mac20 MX I believe.) Might be of some help assuming the cards are similar enough.
  20. MOS8_030

    *Almost* Fastest PowerBook ever, and more to go.

    Yes, Motorola had their own daughter cards. They used a socket that could accept a BGA part. I have some photos of the card we used with the P58 motherboards on my other computer, I'm out of town right now. Here's a photo of two systems I set up to do accelerated life testing with the 7448. I...