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  1. CygnusTM

    IIsi powers on and off on its own

    Since buying this IIsi, I replaced the PRAM battery, upgraded the RAM (from 5MB to 17 MB) and recapped the PS and the system board. Before and after these modifications, it will randomly power itself on if left plugged in, and it will randomly power itself off while trying to use it. Sometimes...
  2. CygnusTM

    IIsi RAM Upgrade

    I recently picked up a IIsi. It came with 5MB of RAM (4 1MB SIMMs installed), and I am trying to upgrade to 17MB. I picked up 4 4MB SIMMs on eBay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/224577279767), and the IIsi won't see the SIMMs at all. I've tried reseating it and a PRAM reset. How picky is the IIsi...