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    Shout out to JDW for Mac 512K repair

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    Mac Plus - Error Code 017C01

    I would take the roms out and clean the pins. Then reseat them. Sometimes this helps to solve rom problems.
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    Using Zip drive as HDD for Macintosh Plus

    A Zip 100 will work without the diode, a bluescsi not, because it has no seperate power suply.
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    Mac Plus "Sad Mac" problem

    If it chimes, then the ROM may be ok. Did you turn the brightness knob (under the apple logo)?
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    Mac Plus "Sad Mac" problem

    Error 01 means a ROM error. The ROMs of pluses can be defect. You can burn new ROMs with an eprom burner or you can buy them on ebay. There are a lot of people in this forum that can burn new ROMs. Leaking caps can cause defect chips but you have to open the case to have a look inside. Did the...
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    SE/30 start up sequence

    Perhaps a stupid question: Are you sure that you have a 1.4MB floppy drive? I own an SE/30 that had a 800KB drive, because it was an upgraded SE. What color has the cable of the drive? Grey/red or grey/yellow? What is the type number of the drive? Did you clean the reading head of the floppy...
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    Recapped Analog Board Macintosh Plus Stuck at the First Screen

    You do not have to buy new ROMs. You can test the ROMs by reading and comparing them with a burner with ROMs you can download from the net. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/macintosh-rom-archive The plus had three versions of ROMs.
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    Recapped Analog Board Macintosh Plus Stuck at the First Screen

    Burning a ROM: https://www.instructables.com/Create-Macintosh-Plus-ROMs/ https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/macintosh-plus-repair-help.37296/
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    Recapped Analog Board Macintosh Plus Stuck at the First Screen

    Did you try to clean and reseat RAM and ROM? Sometimes Plus ROMs are defect and you have to burn new ones.
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    Cloning the Farallon MacRecorder

    @demik Which Macrecorder did you build? Macrecorder or Macrecorder II? The Macrecorder II uses the TLC549 ADC. There is a schematic in the fall 1985 BMUG Newsletter.
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    Iomega Jaz suddenly died

    This pinout may help: https://old.pinouts.ru/PortableDevices/iomega_zip_cd_pinout.shtml
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    Just got a Macintosh Classic ii

    You do not have to open the classic to measure the voltages. You can do it at the floppy port. The only things you need are a voltmeter and a little paperclip.
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    Just got a Macintosh Classic ii

    Did you measure the voltages at the floppy port? There are a lot of parts on classic AB that can be defect. Most often: DP3 and DP4 (1N4148), TDA4605, CNY17G, IRFBC40. Could be that you have to replace some of these. Recapping AB and LB should be done. Take the battery out of th LB.
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    TashTwenty: Single-Chip DCD (Hard Disk 20) Interface

    You could try to program the 1704 with a pickit3 with this software: http://kair.us/projects/pickitminus/ It worked for me.
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    Macintosh Classic II recap needed?

    I would measure the voltages at the floppy port. You need 4.85 V to boot a mac.
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    Nullmodem Cable RS422 to RS232 ...

    This could be helpful:
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    TashTwenty: Single-Chip DCD (Hard Disk 20) Interface

    Thank you for all your feedback! First I tried pickitminus with my Pickit 3 and that worked! I could program the 1704. The only problem is, that only some of my SD-cards could be used with the the sparkfun sd board. I knew about that problem, but had a little hope, that the 1704 could solve it...
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    TashTwenty: Single-Chip DCD (Hard Disk 20) Interface

    Can anybody describe how you did the programming of a 1704. With MPLAB 8.92 it does not work, with the 1825 I had no problems. And the pickit 3 stand alone 3.10 I can not select a 1704, but the 1825 works. Did you use MPLAB X?
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    Macintosh Classic won't start

    Check the solder joints of the power connector. I had one classic where they were broken and the AB did not get 240 V.
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    Mac plus question..

    The first mac plus had 1MB RAM. The case had the same color like the 128k or the 512k. Later there was a case with platinum color. The main difference to the 512k was a SCSI port and a larger ROM. AFAIK there were two or three different ROM versions.