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  1. badCaps

    Trying to connect to my NAS via AppleShare, getting an error 12 instead?

    Hey have you had any luck with this? If not, may I suggest trying to enable anonymous access to the share as a test on the NAS if possible? This resource I found suggests that older Mac OS may not support authentication protocols present in later versions of AFP...
  2. badCaps

    Caps weak somewhere in my 5300ce

    Thanks for the write up on this. I have a few 5300ce's and while I haven't had any power issues like these (yet) it's nice to know what to look out for. Glad you were able to get all the issues fixed!
  3. badCaps

    7100 with various problems, namely no video

    I'm in the process of restoring a 7100/66 and saw this thread with the recommendation to address the CPU paste. Glad I did because this is what I found: Paste was a powder and flaked off. If anything it was inhibiting heat transfer. You can even see a slight discoloration of the die...
  4. badCaps

    Large volumes in a 68030

    I ended up buying a new SCSI adapter and the drive worked fine. Not sure what everyone is using for a mounting solution but I couldn't find anything so I made this 3d printed adapter thing.  Adapts to the plastic rail and provides strain relief for the SCSI adapter.  Works good so far in my...
  5. badCaps

    Powerbook G3 Pismo - Charger question

    Hello all, I just picked up a Powerbook G3 Pismo locally today but it's lacking a charger.  I'm not entirely sure which chargers work but from what I can gather from quick searches, anything with the barrel connector should work, as long as it's the larger style as opposed to the later G4...
  6. badCaps

    Help ID this port?

    Finally decided to take another crack at this thing.  It's been 5 months since I opened it up but I wasn't able to find any manufacturer name or other markings without taking the board out.  However, the board would not slide out since the add on card was too tall and the surface mount...
  7. badCaps

    How bad is the damage?

    Have a Classic I recently acquired.  It will chime 1 out of every handful of times you attempt to power it on, otherwise it just acted like it had no power.  When it did boot the video would cut out intermittently but ultimately I would get a solid picture and it would blink the ? disk.   Opened...
  8. badCaps

    Help ID this port?

    Picked up a 512k recently and saw this port on the back.  This is an add on SCSI port replacing the battery slot, right?  Curious if anyone can identify this hardware and who manufactured it.  Assuming it includes an associated controller card.  Port is metal, looks well made, and the hole is...
  9. badCaps

    Help resurrecting a 7500/100

    Hello all, I have a decent looking Power Mac 7500/100 that I picked up recently.  I did a little cleaning on the exterior, blew out the dust bunnies and powered it on only to find that it won't boot.  The power supply clicks on, power LED on the front works, keyboard LEDs blink, HDD spins up, CD...