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    Reverse engineering the LC II Logicboard

    Top and bottom copper are done! Next is the inner planes which are always fun.... might have to get the sander out for that :)
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    Converting Acard AEC-7722 to AEC-7726

    Yep my adapters are for the 80pin SCA type drives, however the design could be fairly easily adapted to 69 pin drives if there was enough damand for a 68pin adapter with high byte termination
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC III Logicboard

    Yes, Once the board has been finalized (and hopefully a few sold to recoup my costs) the layout files will be published I don't i'm afraid, it was a very breif discuassion I saw on the RetroTinkering discord server some months ago
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    LC Crystal Oscillator - UK/Europe

    I can also confirm the LC dose seem to work with a 32mhz oscillator, I haven't done extensive testing but it at least boots with one installed. These are the exact one I used: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/crystal-oscillators/7960549
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    LC Crystal Oscillator - UK/Europe

    Oh cool, i'll happily take those off your hands :)
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    LC Crystal Oscillator - UK/Europe

    Thats the ones! I was going to order some from the US but the ebay seller that has them didn't have the large lots in stock anymore, but it seems they have the lots of 40 back in stock so I might just order myself a batch from there I have also ordered some 32mhz ones form RS but haven't had a...
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    Pro Audio Spectrum 16 PatchPanel - Schematic Development for Reproduction

    I have only skim read this thread so apologies if this has already been noted, UTSource appear to have the MVA611 in stock: https://www.utsource.net/itm/p/6710997.html They list 77 in stock rather than 33951 so that looks like a real stock value
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    Reverse engineering the LC II Logicboard

    With the (hopefully) final revision of the LC 1 board and the second revision of the LC III both with JLCPCB for manufacture it;s time to turn my attention to the LCII. This was initially going to be the second board LC board I worked on before that pesky LCIII board distracted me... The boards...
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    Macintosh SE/30 logicboard recreation (thread revival)

    Ooh very pretty :) Kinda wish I hadn't just sent off a order to JLCPCB, Guess i'll have to add some of these to my next order :)
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    Sourcing Apple Custom IC's

    IIRC Logic claims their chips are faster than the standard parts, I think that's what @trag wants to test
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    LC Crystal Oscillator - UK/Europe

    31.3344mhz oscillators are impossible to get in the UK (I have searched for ages!) but you should be able to substitute it for a 32MHZ one which are still easy to get. I haven't tested this yet but there isn't any reason I can see it shouldn't work Looking at the board you are likely going to...
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC Logicboard

    After much confused probing of the board the mystery NVRAM issue has been solved! So what was the issue? something bizarre and abstract? Not really.... One single via which should be connecting pin 4 of the MC34064 at UD9 to GND was instead connected to nothing One small piece of bodge wire...
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    Missing SE/30 SCSI Controller Chip

    Huh, I didn't know that. I actually have a logic 5380 in my reproduction SE board (It was the cheapest NOS 5380 on ebay at the time!) If I can find the time one evening I'll try and do some disk benchmarks and see if they preform any differently to the AMD 5380's
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    The QUEST for a Mac SE SuperDrive (FDHD)

    That board was designed by @Kai Robinson it's not currently for sale as the V1.2 board (with issues with the board in that video fixed) is currently undergoing testing, should be available soon! :) In regards to the hot air station, if you are going to get more involved in vintage computers...
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    Looking to replace my onboard SCSI chip and have a question.

    Kinda embarrassed I missed that on the datasheet!
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC III Logicboard

    I did want to get the final boards made with a clear resist + enig finsh but the quote from PCBWay was about $330! I don't know I want them in that finish quite *that* much.....
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    Is it possible to add a socket to some G3/G4 macs?

    The G3/G4 chips tend to be in ceramic packages which makes them really "easy" to solder (I have soldered them with a paint stripper heat gun before!) without damaging them, this kind of negates the need for a socket (even if they do exist) as if you have the kit to remove the old CPU you should...
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC III Logicboard

    Ahh ok, I get thousands with the VRAM stick installed and only 256 without, so it must be working then :) I know, can't decide if I'm doing the final boards in black of if I'll stick with purple....
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC III Logicboard

    Been doing some testing today: All good so far, only have ext scsi, Serial and sound in left to test. Also not what the best way to check the VRAM simm is working, the mac certainly isn't complaining about it but tattletech doesn't seem to be able to detect how much VRAM is in stalled... On a...
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    Any hope for this SE/30 mb?

    I have been looking for those bloody things for about two years! I do hope they ship to the UK :) I would really like to not have to bodge the simm into my IIx anymore..... Yep, just start running wires for the broken traces Schematics for the SE/30 are available here...