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    Ethernet MicroDock - any chance of repair?

    A kind person gave me a Duo 210 along with a non-working (we think) Newer Technology Ethernet MicroDock a while ago. The Duo works great. I'd like to figure out if the MicroDock can be repaired. The ADB port on it works fine, but I can't seem to get the ethernet to work. I installed the driver...
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    Macintosh TV sound/TV tuner problems

    I may be crazy, but I really wanted a Macintosh TV so I bought one on eBay. Paid more than I probably should have, but nowhere near the $600 range of the ones currently for sale. I guess it's kind of my new project machine. It has the black keyboard, black mouse, original credit card remote...
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    G3 Blue and White custom startup sound ROM hack -success!!

    OK, so now I'm thinking of my next big startup sound hack and I want it to be a New World Mac. I have several New World G3/G4 Macs, but the Yosemite G3 seems like a nice candidate due to its logic board being so easy to access. It's the first brand-new Mac I ever bought. I still have the...
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    Quadra 840av ROM SIMM?

    I've been playing with various ROM hacking stuff on the II series Macs, and I found this on eBay and couldn't resist snatching it up. It's a really weird shape! Googling for the part number 820-0482-A seems to find a few results implying it's a 64-pin ROM SIMM belonging to a Quadra 840av...
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    Another IIci ROM hack

    [mod mode] Introduction: by jt/Trash/Trash80to . . . whatever! dougg3 has made the most incredible introductory post to date, period! It's quite the saga of creative hackery and collaborative effort by the 68kMLA Technical Unit's Boffins and a lot of cheerleading by the rest of us in the...