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    A1036 PSU conversion to 1400, 2400, 3400, G3 Series, Lombard, Pismo Power Supply

    I have several 45W A1036 power supplies for G4 iBooks with the 7.7mm/3.5mm round plugs that I want to convert to 9mm/3.5mm round plugs for my older PPC PowerBooks. Ideally, I would make small female to male cables to go between the A1036 PSU and my PowerBooks. Does anyone know the correct name...
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    840AV identify missing IC @ U9

    Hello All, I need your help to identify the IC part number located at U9 on my 840AV logic board.  I recently purchased this 840 from eBay as not working and I started removing the leaky SMT electrolytic capacitors.  I discovered that the IC at location U9 is missing.  Bomarc schematics appear...
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    Steel ball bearing as Duo 250 trackball

    Hello All, I need a replacement 19mm trackball. I have a 19mm steel ball bearing.  Is this safe to use the metal ball bearing as a replacement?  My reason for asking is that I can see what looks like copper at the base of the trackball assembly.  I attached a picture. Thanks, Bama