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    Trying to connect to my NAS via AppleShare, getting an error 12 instead?

    What I have: a Synology NAS with the latest DSM 7.0.1-42218, properly configured, hopefully. An iMac G3 with OS 9.2.2 and an Airport card an LC475 with OS 7.6.1 and a Farallon PN592 network card What works: Connecting from the iMac: using AppleShare I can access and transfer files both ways>...
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    What would it take to have more than 802.11b WEP on old iMacs and iBooks?

    What are the limitations with regards to the original Airport card and iMacs G3? Would a faster card like the Airport Extreme work with a hypothetical appropriate adapter? Could a modern homemade wifi module be used in the port somehow? Or is there a physical limitation with the slot itself that...
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    Do I need phonenet adapters to use an AsanteTalk?

    Hi, I'm trying to connect my old Mac SE/30 (6.0.8) directly to my not as old iMac G3 (9.2.2). And I'm having some issues: the connection is very unreliable, and I've never been able to share files, only start a multiplayer game of Bolo. I'm starting to wonder if it's because I'm using a...
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    Which software to access pc formatted disks and files?

    I know about dos mounter, accesspc, and pc exchange. Are there more? What are the differences between all these and which is the preferred these days? I need it on a Mac SE/30 with system 6.0.8, but I'm also interested in a more general answer. Thanks.