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  1. BarnacleGrim

    A1095 15" PowerBook G4 freeze, no ATA

    I have a 15" PowerBook G4, model number A1095. It already has the dead memory slot problem, so I put a 1GB stick in the working slot and removed the one in the faulty slot, after which it chimed normally and recognised the 1GB of RAM. But then it started showing signs of HDD failure, finally...
  2. BarnacleGrim

    LaCie photon20vision still good?

    I use a 7 year old LaCie photon20vision, which was pretty high end at the time. I know CRTs degrade over time, but what about LCDs? I might have a colour sensitive project coming up, so I ran the calibration assistant. It looks better to my eye now, but am I getting the right colours...
  3. BarnacleGrim

    OS X printer sharing and OS 9

    Has anyone tried using Mac OS X printer sharing with classic Macs? I created a new LaserWriter 8 printer with LPR and my MacBook's IP address and the printer's queue name, but when I pressed 'verify' I get the message "The printer cannot be verified." When I try to print it tells me that the...
  4. BarnacleGrim

    Light duty laser printer advice

    I try as much as I possibly can to stay paper free, and I think PDF is one of the greatest inventions in the history of computing. But every once in a while I need to send a letter, and using my old 1960s mechanical typewriter will probably raise questions what century I'm living in. I've been...
  5. BarnacleGrim

    Tricking out my Power Macintosh 7600

    I have come to really enjoy using classic Mac OS again, with my 7600 getting a key role in my photowork flow. And with on board SCSI and serial it's the perfect compatibility machine between old and new. But I'd really like to soup it up, in addition to making the photo workflow smoother, I...
  6. BarnacleGrim

    Hackintosh idea: Apple CD SC

    I probably won't be making any hackintoshes, and I probably won't butcher my working Apple CD SC Plus for it, but wouldn't that make a splendid case? I haven't opened it or taken any measurements, but I think that's just the form factor for a modern desktop computer. Sort of like a mini, but...
  7. BarnacleGrim

    Testing a NuBus portrait display card

    One of my Mac IIs came with a portrait display card and a DB13W3 to DB15 cable. I connected it to a High Resolution RGB monitor, but it wasn't recognised by the Mac II (I had two other regular cards in it as well). I'm guessing a portrait card simply can't drive a 640*480 monitor. Is there a way...
  8. BarnacleGrim

    Weird G5 unrecognised RAM issue

    I've been wondering lately whether there's something wrong with either my memory, or my G5's memory. It's a 1st generation 2x2 GHz machine, and it came with 512 MB of RAM preinstalled. So I bought an extra two 512 MB DIMMS and installed when I set up the machine, making a total of 1.5 GB. But...
  9. BarnacleGrim

    Film scanner, perhaps?

    This would be very cool to have: http://www.tradera.com/Polaroid-SprintScan-4000-diascanner-filmscanner-auktion_340831_113588757 I have tons of old family pictures and slides fading away, it would be nice to get the negatives scanned before it's too late. Unfortunately the guy priced double...
  10. BarnacleGrim

    Multi-screen vs. single big.

    What do you guys prefer? There's really a limit how big the screen can be and still be usable, depending on the desk depth. So one might be better off with two or more in a row. It seems like a lot of gamers and movie buffs use HDTVs as computer screens, which is perfect for that use, but very...
  11. BarnacleGrim

    SimpleText file types

    I opened the BNDL resource in SimpleText. There are a few types there that I have never encountered before. Does anyone know what the tjob, qjob, sjob and rjob types do? I imagine they have something to do with graphics and printing.
  12. BarnacleGrim

    Dead Color StyleWriter 2200

    Some time ago I bought a Color StyleWriter 2200. It's in great exterior condition, but it won't even turn on. The power adapter reads 13 V. Opening the case I see a component just next to the powe connector labled F1. It doesn't look very fuse-like, and it does have continuity between the two...
  13. BarnacleGrim

    G5 upgrade possibilities

    I'm hooked on high-end workstations, IIfx, Quadra, SGI, Sun, etc. and I love my 1st generation PowerMac G5. Because I'm not made of money, and I'm not an Intel fan (complex instruction set computers in this day and age?) I'm not getting a Mac Pro. And the only times it really beachballs on me is...
  14. BarnacleGrim

    Maritime simulation

    I came home today from a session in a multi-million dollar ship simulator with 5 bridges, 3 channel visual displays, twin PPIs, conning display, instructor's console, etc. This may be a long shot, but was any maritime simulation software ever made for a 68k Macintosh? I figured I could...
  15. BarnacleGrim

    Bringing back a 6100 to life

    I'd like to get started on one of my recent finds. It's one of the keepers, being the first PPC Mac. It's missing its hard drive, I guess I could borrow one from a Performa. I'm just worried it may have been gutted for a reason. That's why I don't feel like spending money on a display adapter...
  16. BarnacleGrim

    Dining room Classic

    Here's one of my recent acquisitions, a Macintosh Classic. I decided to snub the big screen TV for my home entertainment system and go strictly retro. There is an AirPort express with AirTunes hidden under the counter, though. So any suggestions on what I can have the Classic do? I keep the...