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  1. CircuitBored

    I made a short video expressing my love for the black Performa 5400

    Hi all, I just wanted to share a little (<4 mins) video I made about the 5400 and why I think it's such a cool computer... so long as it's black. I bought the black 5400 about eight years ago and it saw periodic service as a TV. It was a sort of "buddy" system to my G4 for a good long while...
  2. CircuitBored

    I made a little video about my efforts to combine three PowerBook 1400s into one ultra-1400

    Hi all! I've rebooted my YouTube channel and the first video is about one of my favourite Apple laptops: the PowerBook 1400 series! Here's a little backstory on the machines in the video: The first, nice-condition 1400cs was purchased off eBay around five years ago for something like £4.50...
  3. CircuitBored

    The quest to revive a Umax Pulsar S900 (image thread)

    Let's do this all over again! This is the combined edition of my two previous posts about my Umax Pulsar (AKA Umax SuperMac S900) revival project, which were both lost in "the event". I picked up the Pulsar (left) along with some other machines/ goodies from @joshc just last month. It was in a...
  4. CircuitBored

    Performa 5400 capacitance test results – how do these look to you?

    Today I finished phase one of my Performa 5400 refurbishment project. This machine works well but has started to present a geometry issue with the display, so I decided to remove all the electrolytic capacitors and test the actual capacitance of each one versus its supposed values. Below are the...
  5. CircuitBored

    Has anyone here got experience recapping/repairing a Performa 5X00?

    Hi all, My Performa 5400 is starting to show its age and is exhibiting unstable video at times (normal colours, wavy geometry on the Y-axis). I believe failing electrolytic capacitors on the analogue boards to be the likely culprits as the machine's problem gets worse as it warms up. It is, of...
  6. CircuitBored

    Here's my current Performa 5400 setup - I love this machine!

    Having A/V input on a computer of this vintage is just so damn cool. 
  7. CircuitBored

    Rebuilding an exploded black ADB Mouse II

    A couple of months ago I was using my Performa 5400 when the mouse suddenly stopped working. I gave it a frustrated tap on the table and the ball cover fell off, about a dozen pieces of plastic following it. This was clearly the mouse's last day of functionality for the time being. A fair few...
  8. CircuitBored

    Tiny question: are G5 Quads' power LEDs supposed to always be on?

    It's a simple one but I can't find an answer. My Quad's power LED is always lit when the power cable is connected, unlike every other G5 I own - including a 2x2.0 machine of the same age.  Is this normal? Everything else on my Quad works perfectly so I'm assuming it's totally fine but the...
  9. CircuitBored

    eBay discovery: Ever wanted a custom Gulf Racing liveried PowerMac G5? Live in Russia? Now is your chance!

    I was strolling through the depths of ebay and stumbled across one of the most ridiculous/awesome Mac mods I've ever seen. Here is the listing. From the ebay-quality jpegs it looks like the paintjob is actually fairly well-done. The rivets are an odd touch though... Still cool in their own...
  10. CircuitBored

    What's the deal with the fans in PowerMac G5s? A call to electronics experts for help with retrofitting fans.

    Hi all, On my quest to plan for the future of the PowerMac G5 I have encountered an obstacle surely faced by many before me: what to do about those awful stock fans? Through a lot of trial and error across four different G5 systems I have essentially come to the conclusion that for these...
  11. CircuitBored

    PowerMac G5 Quad "The New Blood Mod" - A guide to flushing, modifying and refilling the dual-pump cooling system.

    Hi all, this is a guide to my personal modifications to the Apple PowerMac G5 Quad rev.2 "dual-pump Delphi", pictured above. I will do my best to be thorough in my descriptions. Sadly I do not have pictures of my process in this version of the guide but I will be repeating this mod on another...
  12. CircuitBored

    New on the web: PICTure This - a graphics file conversion utility

    Hi folks, This may be a very minor discovery or it may be very useful to a lot of you. The proof shall be in the pudding, I found quite an oddity this morning: a set of diskettes I've never seen before... but they were in a box in my house. The software is called PICTure This 2.0 and can be...