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  1. darkcruix

    Apple PowerPC PDS card (in Quadra 700)

    Thanks so much for the swift reply! I replaced the thermal paste each time I did a test (using IPA to remove and Corsair XTM50 to apply) My SCSI Bus just contains one single SCSI2SD v6 with active termination. There are no Nubus cards attached - only the PPC card in the PDS slot. I wanted to...
  2. darkcruix

    Apple PowerPC PDS card (in Quadra 700)

    I have an Apple branded PowerPC PDS card with 601/66 CPU running at 50 MHz. The card does boot properly into PowerPC mode when selected in the Control Panel. The computer freezes after a while of usage constantly and can be replicated very quickly, when running MacBench (not during the CPU...
  3. darkcruix

    Radius Pivot SE/30, large memory + Mode 32 - no mouse cursor

    I have flashed the same card as discussed earlier with a 2.6 version of the ROM but the one i found was for the radius pivot color and it didn't work. If someone can help me with the same issue, I'd appreciate it. The link to the ROM versions here...