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    Hidden ROM/extension images

    Hi have found this image on a disk image, but i can't find the source. Can you help me ? I suppose that the file is an easter egg from an old Mac app'. https://www.journaldulapin.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Hard-Disk-converti-2.jpg
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    Internal floppy drive on iMac G3 - Firmware downgrade

    The iMac has the floppy connector. The connector is on the image (the white cable). And the ADB is on commercial Mac too, but unpopulated (like floppy). It's just more difficult to add it, there is many component to solder.
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    Anyone with a QuickTake 100 upgraded to 150?

    I have one, and it's complicated to find. Actually, i have searched a long time on ebay, and watch all the photos. And i have buy a "QuickTake 100", but it was a "100 Plus". (with photos : https://www.journaldulapin.com/2017/10/01/quicktake-100-plus/) The 100 Plus is just a curiosity : it works...
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    Wanted : driver for MacFly serial joystick

    I have buy an "ADB" joystick on eBay, a MacFly. But when i have received the joystick, i have discovered one thing : the joystick use a serial connection And i have not the floppy with the driver I have searched on the net, and i have not find a copy ANyone can help me ? It's a MacFly...
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    LaserWriter 810 Pro ROM

    I search a specific things, can you help me ? I search a ROM dump from the LaserWriter 810 Pro. Actually, i have found many pages with reference to an easter egg with this printer, and i will verify that... and i must find the ROM. I have not found a printer to make the dump. My article about...
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    12" Monochrome on modern Mac

    Hi,  I have a little problem. I have found a 12" monochrome monitor (High Res) and i will try to connect the display to a modern Mac. And it will not work : https://www.journaldulapin.com/2018/08/17/crt-apple/  The display is working with an old Mac LC, with a Power Mac G3 (beige), but not...
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    CineBench 2000 for Mac

    Hi,  I have a question : i have two QuickDraw 3D Card from Apple, and i want to test the card with QuickDraw 3D benchmark. And for that, i search CineBench 2000 for Mac. The file on archive.org is corrupted, and i can't find a copy. Can you help me ? Actually, i have tested one card with Havoc...
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    iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    This one (in the center)
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    Dandu's Conquest

    Hi,  Since many years, i read this forum. Today, i try to share my finds. This week, i have found a ZIP 100 SCSI (not a Plus), a StyleWriter 2400 to use with my Apple Bandai Pippin, many (many) RAM SIMM and DIMM, an ExpressCard SSD (48 GB, for old MacBook Pro), a Centris 660/AV with CD-ROM (a...
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    Apple (Bandai) Pippin ROM dump

    I'm a big fan of the Pippin - the Apple/bandai console - and i have installed an hard disk on my console. And with Mac OS on a CD, i have dumped the ROM (version 1.3) from the console. Now, i want to analyse the content... but i have no idea how to do that.  Actually, it's interessant for a...
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    Power Macintosh 6100 DOS and network

    Hi,  I have a problem : i tru to connect a "DOS" Macintosh to the Net, and i have problem to do that. It's a Power Macintosh 6100 under Mac OS 8.6, with Ethernet and AAUI adapter. I can connect Mac OS to the net with TCP/IP. On the PC side, it's WIndows 95, with PC Setup 2.1.7. I have...
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    Problem with a PowerBook Duo 280c

    Hi,  I have a problem : i have recupered a PowerBook 280C and a Duo Dock II and i have a problem. The first time i power up the PowerBook, it works, but after ~5 minutes, the PowerBook shut off with no reason. And after that, i can't boot the PowerBook. When i press the power button, the LED...
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    Apple Development Transition Kit

    I have found a nice "Power Mac" : there is a Pentium 4 inside, and a BIOS.   It's a Developer Transition Kit from 2005, the first officiel Intel Mac, with Mac OS X 10.4.1.     I will try to install a modern OS on it (and a good GPU, the GMA 900 is a pain)
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    Power Mac G5 - Xbox 360 Xenon Alpha Kit

    I have found a special Power Mac G5 : it's a Xenon Alpha Kit, the development kit for the Xbox 360. It's a classic G5 (dual 2 GHz, PCI-X) with a Intel Network card and many stickers from Microsoft. My problem is simple : i have not the software and i search it : it's Xenon Launcher, i have...