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    MacIPgw VM 3.0 | TCP/IP over LocalTalk gateway

    usb fat 32 pen with http://cdn.macip.net/tinyMacIPgw-1.0.iso tinyMacIPgw-1.0.iso burned with balena etcher. Is there any step I'm missing? using a dell mini 9, USB boot as first drive on boot and legacy usb support on. Thanks  tinyMacIPgw-1.0.iso 
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    LC475 6R8 resistor blew

    I'm listing this board with the 68040 motorola processor on ebay. http://ebay.us/fclLTc?cmpnId=5338273189
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    SE/30 connection between ASC and sound chips

    Is there anything like this bare Logic for amiga to our corroded se30? http://wordpress.hertell.nu/?p=587
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    Performa 475 ethernet card

    I remember I had to install a apple NSI (if I remember) before the card driver. There is also a driver named "API 1.1Ethernet Installer.image" From http://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/nic/focus/ReadMe.txt "Filename: Ethernet Installer.image.sit.hqx Name: EtherLAN Card Installer (1.1.3) This...
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    LC475 6R8 resistor blew

    As soon as I got my lc 475 running (It was 6y in a closet) I smelled burned fuse, heard some white noise for 5 sec and after that no sound from the speaker. The mac started up well besides that. Later I checked the sound was ok on the audio out but the speaker was silent all the time. The...
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    LC575 Networking : PDS or Comm Slot?

    I have a comm slot Ethernet Card to sell