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  1. BinaryGrind

    1400 Hinge Shim Insert Shim Tutorial

    I haven't made any actual model changes yet, but I've uploaded the profile I used to print here: https://makerworld.com/en/models/167248 I plan on making model changes when I get a chance to fix my 1400s
  2. BinaryGrind

    1400 Hinge Shim Insert Shim Tutorial

    Thanks for the excellent write up. I imagine the shim/fix should hold up quite well. That said, thanks to your fantastic pictures/walk-through I can spot a few points that could be improved on the shim (eg. the edge you melted for cable routing) and still have it be as strong. When I get a...
  3. BinaryGrind

    PowerBook 1400 Hinge Fix Shim

    Absolutely will link it back to printables and tag you. Thanks for making it in the first place.
  4. BinaryGrind

    PowerBook 1400 Hinge Fix Shim

    So I've got 3 PB1400s (technically 5, two are in pieces, so IDK if their totally complete). Would preemptively printing this and installing this be a good idea? None of mine are showing cracks at the hinge yet, but I know know how brittle the plastic is due to time. @AEChadwick - If I do print...
  5. BinaryGrind

    CF Card: IDE vs Cardbus, any speed difference?

    So I've been looking into CF and SD to IDE adapters to fix up a PB1400c and a PB3400c that both had failed disks but otherwise where working great. I've used both this CF->IDE: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07899TZF9/ and this SD->IDE: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QNB6QLC/...
  6. BinaryGrind

    Using G4 PB 1.5Ghz 12" charger on G3 Pismo?

    I don't think its a common part you can just pickup anywhere. I have both a PB G4 and a Pismo as well. The Pismo adapter looks like it uses a mono 3.5mm headphone connector as the center pin, with a 9.5mm outer RCA connector style ring. The G4 adapter looks like its the same but uses a 2.5mm...