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  1. PotoMac

    Macintosh Classic Sad Mac RAM expansion error

    Me too... Did you happen to find a solution to this? My Classic with an AMP 2-532955-4 RAM card gives me a 00000005 / 00010001 error when booting but is fine with a regular Apple RAM card or none. The Classic is recapped on both boards and has no other issues AFAICT.
  2. PotoMac

    Powerbook 100 issues

    What's the best way of cleaning those LCD display ribbons? Anything more appropriate than iso?
  3. PotoMac

    Macintosh II: sparks from battery pad?

    Recapping Mac II rev B board. Board not hooked up to anything. Removing both axial batteries. The B2 pads sparked occasionally when I applied flux and the iron with or without wick to remove the battery. The battery was corroded. I got the battery off with minimal sparking thankfully. Is this...
  4. PotoMac

    PowerBook 5300 Power/DC Board Recap

    I've got a few of these. I've recapped 2 of them, just like 3lectr1cPPC did. 1 of them boots just fine, the other ticks (or probably turns on and off) repeatedly. I've tried to compare the 2 by checking continuity all over it and I can't find any differences. Any suggestions on what to check...
  5. PotoMac

    Upgrading SE with SE/30 Logic Board... Doesn't Fit

    So are the differences between a basic SE & SE/30: Logic board Front panel cage/chassis 1.4M floppy Anything else major?
  6. PotoMac

    PB 5300 fuse?

    Can anyone identify where the fuse(s) is on a 5300 logic board? I can't find an F or a PF on mine for the life of me. Are there any other abbreviations that are used for fuses?
  7. PotoMac

    Powerbook 100 display issue

    I'm doing this exact repair & my L3 broke a leg as well while I was desoldering it. Appears to be pretty common. What should I replace it with? I'm shopping for 150uH's but what Maximum DC Current do I need? Mouser has up to 50 A.
  8. PotoMac

    Portable HD gasket removal

    Excellent. Thanks. Will do.
  9. PotoMac

    Duo display with pink lines

    I'm reviving a Duo 230. I've recapped it, replaced some bad diodes & the LT1171 voltage regulator (per a discussion in this forum that seems to have gotten lost in the crash last year). The display is fine because it works with another working Duo I have. It chimes, now that it's recapped &...
  10. PotoMac

    Portable HD gasket removal

    I removed the gasket from my Portable Conner CP3045, as recommended. It wasn't gooey and came off pretty easily. The drive looks pretty clean. I haven't tested it yet. Waiting to recap the Portable first and don't have the adapter to try the drive on something else yet. What should I replace...
  11. PotoMac

    Projects: Portable, 1400s, 636CD. Trying to make space. Cambridge UK.

    Projects: Portable, 1400s, 636CD. Trying to make space. Cambridge UK.