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    Color Classic Mystic Bomb Bus error problems booting

    I think you'll end up getting the answer from someone here who know more about it. Those were the few things that I knew of to check. It's Memorial Day Weekend so I'm assuming the usual experts at this stuff will chime in and help you solve it later on. I never recapped anything so I don't know...
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    Color Classic Mystic Bomb Bus error problems booting

    My apologies I misunderstood. If the bus error occurs without the blue SCSI then perhaps it's something related to the recap or the memory that is installed. I've had this issues and found it was a bad memory stick. Just to be sure though is the system folder that you use to boot the Mac with an...
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    Color Classic Mystic Bomb Bus error problems booting

    Since it's clearly fine with the HDD I think It's a question best handled by the people who support Blue SCSI.
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    Have se/30 on internet—now what?

    Most of us used dialup to get a Mac like that on the internet in 1992, using a land line with whatever modem was available. Hopefully nobody needed the phone to make a call and the ISP number wasn't giving the proverbial busy signal. So I can see the appeal to trying an SE/30 with broadband...
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    Mac SE/30, collectable value

    You can see why discussing eBay pricing on vintage Mac stuff is a sensitive topic here. If you think the price is too high then contact the seller to let them know otherwise don't buy it.
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    Performa 638CD turns itself on after shutdown

    I never used a Performa 638 CD so I’m curious if it has “server mode” just like a Mac IIsi where the on button in the back is able to be turned to the on position on a permanent basis? Therefore a shutdown will actually not happen. On the IIsi the button just turns and locks in the on position...
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    Have se/30 on internet—now what?

    You could run NetPresenz
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    Installation media or image for Powerbook 540c with PPC upgrade

    I agree with @MacUp72 or try this. Wish I were... v2.0
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    Is a Signature SE/30 case rare?

    I think it's rare to find an SE/30 without signatures. :)
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    Recommendation on first 90s Mac

    A G3 iMac would have what you need for 90's games.
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    Just got a Macintosh Classic ii

    To make the repairs necessary or to make the necessary repairs? Big difference. Anyone can make the repairs necessary. Doesn’t need to be a professional.
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    LC II PDS Ethernet to iMac G4

    I always use this site for reference on networking Macs and determining compatibility. http://www.applefool.com/se30/
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    How can I securely erase a Classic II hard drive without a functioning Macintosh?

    In the eBay listing description put something to the effect of... "Modern technology and ambitious Macintosh developers have made it possible to replace the failed SCSI hard disk drive with newer storage options." Then give them a Youtube link with a demonstration. From the demo they can figure...
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    How can I securely erase a Classic II hard drive without a functioning Macintosh?

    You could just remove the hard drive and sell it without one. Whomever buys it will probably add SCSI to SD option. If the Mac worked then you could obtain a bootable floppy disk with a formatting utility on it to boot the Mac and erase the hard drive. You simply insert the obtained floppy and...
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    HDMI to TMDS Adapter - Hook HDMI video source to your G4 Mac

    I thought I read something somewhere about not being able to use the title “HDMI” in anything you sell unless licensed to do so.
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    Looking for scheduled reboot utility

    I'm remembering back when everyone wanted to list the uptime of their Mac in chatrooms and forums. Meanwhile I was constantly rebooting mine to get a stable running system. Seems like so long ago. Maybe it was. BTW try this it may help. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/mac-restart-0
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    Scheduled Reboot Restart Cron for System 6 and 7?

    Maybe this would help for System 7. It looks though that it is not compatible with System 6. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/mac-restart-0
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    Can't boot SE from external BlueSCSI V2 sad Mac and flashing "?" Mark results

    The Mac SE shipped from the factory with 1 MB installed in the form of four 256 KB SIMMs. It can be upgraded to 2 MB, 2.5 MB, and 4 MB configurations using 150ns or faster 1 MB 30-pin SIMMs. A Mac SE can boot from a CD but Mac OS 7.6.1 will not work on it. Mac OS 7.1 would be a good start...
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    Term for Mac Plus and Earlier Keyboard Connector?

    Based on ADB being Apple Desktop Bus abbreviated, and USB being Universal Serial Bus abbreviated, wouldn't this be EMK, an Early Mac Keyboard port?