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    My short PDQ story

    It's not really that I made some awesome customizations or hacks, like you guys here, but I decided to write a short post about my experiences with my newly acquired PDQ. The choice I chose the PDQ because of two reasons: I needed the most powerful portable Mac that would be capable of...
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    Prototype PowerBook 140 (Clear)

    Wow, that's really outstanding. An iPowerBook!
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    USB PC Card for the PDQ

    Yeah, I stumbled upon that one too but I wasn't able to find a store that still has it in stock. By the way, the drivers you have mentioned, USB2EHCI_v3_1_5, are OS X only. Anyway, does anyone have the famous Mac OS USB DDK v1.3f9 driver? That's sort of my last hope.
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    USB PC Card for the PDQ

    I recently took my chances and bought a USB PC Card for my PDQ - AKE™ USB 2.0 CardBus BC168. I read somewhere that it's compliant with the OHCI standard and that basically any OHCI-compatible PCMCIA USB adapter should work with Mac OS 9 (even 2.0 adapters, although transmission speed would be...
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    Macintosh SE - moving data in and out

    Thanks! That's a great link.
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    Macintosh SE - moving data in and out

    Thanks for all your replies! I completely forgot about the ZIP drives :I I mainly use my MacBook Pro (Late 2011). Right now I'm considering buying an old PowerBook but that's also because I always wanted to have one. So, specifically, a PDQ / Wallstreet / original PowerBook G3 running Mac OS 9...
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    Macintosh SE - moving data in and out

    I know that there could already be similar topics but I'd like to resolve my doubts concerning moving data in and out of my Macintosh SE. Here's a list of ways of doing it I came up with: LocalTalk-to-Ethernet adapter and an old hub I've heard that this way you could even bring the Internet to...