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    G4 cube fully supported Linux ?

    It's been a long time since I tried running linux on a PPC Mac, but as I recall the Rage 128 Pro was never supported well under Linux. This made Linux a bad fit for the iMac DV I had with that GPU, but on a cube you can swap out the GPU. If you're intent on running Linux on it your best bet...
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    HFS Workbench for MacOS X

    This is awesome. Fun to see the latest and greatest (Swift+SwiftUI) meshing with the classic.
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    Early OS X Software Recommendations?

    Macintosh Garden is a great resource but really really needs some filtering options on its search. Browsing through its offerings can be a bit of a bear without those.
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    Cheap and simple ADB to USB converter

    Also in the vein of Pro Micro clones (as the Elite-C is) there's also the nice!nano 2.0, which works the same way as the Pro Micro/Elite-C/etc do with the same pinout and everything (drop in replacement), but also offers connection via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) in addition to USB. Only...
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    Care and Feeding of a Pismo

    Well I've had it for a few days and had a chance to play with it, and it's pretty much as described. Case is in reasonable shape for a 20+ year old machine (Pismo cases seem to get scuffed up pretty badly) and back flap is present. Definitely used but doesn't look heavily worn. Only physical...
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    RAM compression on OS X 10.4?

    I would be very surprised if such a thing exists, simply by virtue of how differently OS X is built compared to OS 9. It might be possible to implement memory compression in an OS X kernel extension, but I don't think so. You'd probably have to build a custom Darwin kernel to get that functionality.
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    Care and Feeding of a Pismo

    Great info, thanks. Still have a day or two before it arrives but I'll definitely be looking at these things. A cursory search seems to reveal that for the screen panel there's a few possible replacements from different companies. I wonder if any of those are markedly better than the rest and...
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    Care and Feeding of a Pismo

    So if all goes as planned, a 500Mhz Pismo should be showing up on my doorstep sometime within the next week or two. We'll see how it turns out when it gets here, but from the photos it looks like it's in decent cosmetic shape. Seller had already upgraded its RAM and storage and advertised it as...
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    27" Apple Thunderbolt Display: earliest Thunderbolt Macs? Do they support Tiger/Classic?

    Apple's displays have indeed been top notch for me, which is why I wish they'd start making displays aimed at more normal budgets again. The XDR display is nice but I'm not about to drop that much on a monitor. It really sucks though because a consistent thread with displays from other companies...
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    Jeez, that's brutal. Sorry that happened. Will you be seeking a refund? I think I would. It's because of possibilities like this that my shopping for CRTs and AIO macs has been local, even if the selection here is crappy.
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    27" Apple Thunderbolt Display: earliest Thunderbolt Macs? Do they support Tiger/Classic?

    One caveat with older 2560x1600 displays like the U3011 or Cinema Display is that the CCFL backlighting might be getting tired depending on how much usage they've seen, which can give them yellow tint or reduce their brightness. I've had this happen on at least one 2008-era laptop LCD. So...
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    C# Library for writing PICT Images

    Another thanks for the necro! I don't write much C#, but I wasn't aware of any open source third party PICT encoders/decoders prior to seeing this thread, so having two for reference is great! If I get some extra time I'd like to try my hand to porting it to Objective-C or Swift.
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    Found a new way to Burn CDs on macOS Monterey for System 7.6

    That's a bit of a throwback! Burn has been around for what seems like forever now. Great little project, I remember using it for burning discs back in the Tiger days.
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    60% Mac Reproductions & KBDs: Printable today, scalable to full size tomorrow?

    In the context of mechanical keyboards, percentages almost exclusively refer to number of keys. Aside from a tiny tiny handful of people pulling rare half-size switches from old boards, almost nobody in that community does anything with keycaps or switches smaller than the standard. There are a...
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    60% Mac Reproductions & KBDs: Printable today, scalable to full size tomorrow?

    3D printing a keyboard case is definitely possible, I've seen a number of projects doing that. Not too many restrictions there, just need to make sure to design standoffs and screw holes such that they can have threaded metal inserts melted into them with a soldering iron to prevent stripping...
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    Documenting the Macintosh hardware graphics stack (NuBus/built-in/SCSI, QuickDraw and OpenGL acceleration, etc.)

    I don't have any sources to link to or anything, but anecdotally the heyday of QuickDraw 3D was the mid-to-late 90s. Most memorably most of the classic Pangea Software games (Mighty Mike/Power Pete, Nanosaur, Bugdom) rely on it.
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    Cheap and simple ADB to USB converter

    Do you see anything that would prevent this from working with a Pro Micro compatible board such as the Elite-C?
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    Idea/dream/wish: Exposé for classic Mac OS

    Very cool idea, and a meaningful experience enhancement for classic Mac OS. It looks like only the "show desktop" portion of Exposé is covered here, is there any interest in the window overview portion? It might not be as practical on devices with smaller screens due to the number of pixels...
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    Is it possible to make modern replica PowerPC Macs?

    In my mind the main benefit of building a "new" vintage mac would be the ability to design it to work with a standard form factor, e.g. ATX/micro-ATX/mini-ITX, which would enable the use of cases with vastly superior airflow and modern conveniences like dust filters and dedicated cable...
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    OS X 10.2 vs 10.4 on Quicksilver

    Same here. On the little 400Mhz G3 Summer 2000 iMac I was using at the time Jaguar was a remarkable improvement over either of the two previous versions. 10.1 was so minor that it probably could've been a point update for 10.0, mainly just addressing some of 10.0's crashiness. In comparison...