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    Apple Lisa questions

    Ive got what appears to be the same problem with one of my Widgets. I will try the repeated reset procedure...
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    Mouse for Lisa 2

    Yes, I've restored three Lisa keyboards by cleaning and replacing the foam pads. A little tedious but very effective. I've used pad from TexElect.com for all three. Highly recommended.
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    Ultrasonic cleaning of old boards

    This is all great advice - thanks everyone!
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    Ultrasonic cleaning of old boards

    This is not strictly a compact Mac question but there may be some fine points particular to them and similar age electronics. Up 'til now I've been cleaning boards with IPA and a toothbrush, but I finally purchased an ultrasonic cleaner. I'm tested using diluted Stens 770-100 Ultrasonic...
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    Introducing (and interest check) AirTalk: Wireless plug-and-play LocalTalk dongles

    I would like two of these with shipping to WA state, please!