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  1. CC_333

    croissantking's conquests

    Well, it hardly the only 40 MHz '040 in existence. While not exactly common, they're not particularly rare, either, so it's probably simpler to, sadly, throw it out and get another one if too many pins are damaged or missing. c
  2. CC_333

    ClassicGuyPhilly's Finds

    It so happens that I have an extra 8 Track player, if you're interested (if you are, PM me). It would need some restoration work, but when I tried it (like 15 years ago!), it kinda-sorta played, though with the muffled sounds so characteristic of a misaligned machine. I may even have a...
  3. CC_333

    ClassicGuyPhilly's Finds

    Of course! This is probably due to hardened grease in the bearings. Bear in mind, though, that the capstan may not be seized, but rather the drive belt is likely broken, unless this is a three motor deck, which I doubt (three-motors are usually found in high end prosumer or studio-grade decks...
  4. CC_333

    Beta’s obligatory thread

    I'm sorry to have experienced it.... At the same time, I also got a boxed copy of AppleWorks 5, which is also lost. 8.5 was the only Mac OS versions I bought new until Snow Leopard came out in 2009. At $39 (or was it $29?), it was a no brainer! (a bit off topic, but relevant: all prior...
  5. CC_333

    ClassicGuyPhilly's Finds

    That marvelous machine puts my humble Ampex 960 to shame! I don't have tons of experience with any other model, so I can't help aside from the basics: clean up the belt pulleys and replace the rotted/worn out belts, check and clean the heads, clean out the old, hardened grease and relubricate...
  6. CC_333

    Beta’s obligatory thread

    *sigh* I had one of those once. Bought it new back in 1999 or so (when it was the current version!) to fix my iMac, as the restore disks it came with got scratched beyond repair. Over time, it, too got scratched up, and somehow I lost the box and all the documentations contained within. I...
  7. CC_333

    PowerMac G4!

    What graphics card are you using? Have you verified that it still works under OS 9? Sounds like either it's dying, there's a driver incompatibility (unlikely), or the display drivers somehow got corrupted when you updated. c
  8. CC_333

    Great deals DO still exist. I just bought a Mac 512k with a Levco MonsterMac 2MB + SCSI upgrade for $50!

    Good find! May I ask where and what name is this "local junk shop"? If by chance it's the one I think it is, I got a decent looking PM8500/180 there last year for a very decent price. If, however, it's a different one, I want to check it out, as there aren't too many stores like that left...
  9. CC_333

    croissantking's conquests

    I wish you were ~5,000 miles closer, because I have maybe a half dozen or so of these that could be rebuilt. c
  10. CC_333

    My first 68k Mac - Macintosh SE 2x 800k

    Tell me about it. I recently retired an iPhone 6 Plus after more than 8 years of continuous service, and that's considered extraordinary for a modern smartphone. The average lifespan, I believe, is 2-4, maybe 5 years for Android and 5-7 for Apple, so 8 and change isn't a huge stretch, I guess...
  11. CC_333

    PowerBook 500 Series full 040 CPU swap

    The best portable 68k machine, in my mind, would probably be one whose plastics aren't crumbling and whose hinges (if a laptop) haven't failed. Does such a model exist? I don't know. I sort of doubt it.... c
  12. CC_333

    Einstein (Newton Emulator)

    I suppose it likely would if there's an ARM64 Linux binary available? If not, I would think it's possible to compile such a binary form source, but I don't know how straight forward that would be. c
  13. CC_333

    Fantasy M88100 Macs

    Well, sure. I didn't necessarily mean it literally, of course! We can still enjoy many of the technological improvements we've had in the years since, but I just wish that GUIs in general could've stayed more or less as they were (i.e., modern MacOS that still looks like Classic). But most...
  14. CC_333

    Fantasy M88100 Macs

    If we lived in a SANE world, everything would be as it was in the mid 90s, but faster (none of this bloated nonsense we've been getting over the past ~20 years). c
  15. CC_333

    How do I get screenshots from System 7.5.5 into a usable format?

    And for the LC, the limitation is particularly bad, since it has an '020, and thus can't use virtual memory. As a result, it's really only practical for System 6 or a slimmed down 7.0 or 7.1; 7.5.x is a bit too RAM hungry. c
  16. CC_333

    Emulation: Infinite Mac

    This is very interesting! But, how does it compare to emulators like SheepShaver, and, for 68k, Basilisk, Mini vMac, QEMU and, what is it, MAME or MESS? If I'm not mistaken, it seems to be an attempt to create a new, more accurate emulator from scratch, yes? c
  17. CC_333

    Creating ' snd' resources

    Apple Corps is one of those infamously litigious companies that will sue you if you look at it wrong. EA is (was?) another one, if I'm not mistaken. It's a shame, really, as early Apples and Macs had much sound-making potential (as the copious amount of third-party hardware and software...
  18. CC_333

    Mac OS 8.6 for (some) Unsupported G3s and G4s

    Given that System 7.5.5 was being released at just about the time that the Copland project was imploding (according to Wikipedia, Copland was cancelled in late August 1996, and 7.5.5 was released just about a month later), it's entirely plausible that the team in charge of 7.5.5 simply had no...
  19. CC_333

    Mac OS 8.6 for (some) Unsupported G3s and G4s

    I know almost nothing on this subject, but perhaps the ROMs are different? Apple, then as much as now, was very keen on building in artificial blocks that prevent otherwise compatible SSW versions from installing and/or booting on certain machines, often for no apparent reason (beyond...