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  1. bigD

    Powerbook 100 happiness

    Do that machine a favor and install System 6! :)
  2. bigD

    Saved another IIfx

    Nice work!
  3. bigD

    What draws you to 68K Powerbooks?

    I was in middle school, but even then I understood that the initial 68K Powerbooks were revolutionary. Especially the 170 with its active matrix display. You've gotta remember that they were released at a time when laptops looked like this...
  4. bigD

    PowerBook 170 - My 1st 68k Mac!

    That's a fantastic first 68k Mac! Enjoy it.
  5. bigD

    Mac IIvx questions

    I think the GeoPort telephony stuff made use of the DSP as well. The only other thing I remember seeing was a fractal application that (I believe) came with the DSP development tools - it had all the source code with it too. Interesting stuff, but I remember it being well beyond my meager...
  6. bigD

    Mac IIvx questions

    My Quadra 700 feels *substantially* faster than my 50MHz IIci. The benchmarks confirm this, especially when it comes to FP. The '040 is simply a much faster chip on a clock for clock basis. That said, there are few things in vintage computing more satisfying than running System 6.x at 50MHz. :)
  7. bigD

    My lovely 030 bighead (Macintosh SE/30)

    Welcome! Happy to see another '030 user running System 6. :) Nice machine!
  8. bigD

    DOS Compatibility Card for Power Macintosh 6100

    I have a Houdini II that I've always wanted to get running in my Quadra 700, but misplaced the cable during a move. I'd love to have a replacement - if you build some adapters I'd be happy to buy one from you.
  9. bigD

    AudioVision 14” Restoration

    When I was young my Dad’s best friend bought an 840av with the 14” AudioVision display, and it was a pretty impressive piece of hardware for the time. The speakers were high quality, a mic was built in (speech recognition!) , and of course Sony’s Trinitron technology was highly regarded. I...
  10. bigD

    68030 /BERR

    I don’t have the technical knowledge to be any help, but I thought I’d mention that it’s been really interesting reading your posts as you work through this. Good stuff! 
  11. bigD

    68030 CPU Swap

    I assume the crystal provides timing for other stuff on the motherboard...is there a way to isolate any of it such that you can increase the clock for the CPU without affecting anything else?
  12. bigD

    Compact Macintosh travel bags

    Back in my collecting days I had an LC with the 12” display, and it’s surprising how compact it is. I ran it with dual floppy drives, making it essentially silent (this was before SCSI2SD!). It was a cute little setup, and if people dragged their compact Macs around in bags - I suppose this...
  13. bigD

    Identifying a Plus 68030 upgrade?

    That thing is pretty cool. Curious, what’s the big connector along the right side of the board for?
  14. bigD

    Identifying a Plus 68030 upgrade?

    I'm a zealot about running System 6 - especially on compact Macs, but it's all in good fun!
  15. bigD

    Your favorite word processor?

    Growing up I used WriteNow, but these days I use Word 5.1a on my vintage hardware - mainly to make it easier to integrate with the current stuff. Although most ‘writing’ I do on my 68k machines these days is code or simple html, and for that I use BBEdit Lite. 
  16. bigD

    Identifying a Plus 68030 upgrade?

    That bad boy should be running 6 anyway! :p
  17. bigD

    Future Project Idea: Expansion Spelunx Rooms

    I like this idea too - I used to enjoy programming under both HyperCard and Director, so this would be a fun excuse to get back into it. Someone else would need to do the art - I’d be useless there!
  18. bigD

    Powerbook 180 dead display?

    Wow - that's ugly! I didn't see any obvious broken traces on mine, although I didn't desolder the power contacts to check underneath. My 180c doesn't seem to have any obvious issues beyond a little ghosting of the screen (likely due to failing caps), so I left well enough alone. It doesn't run...
  19. bigD

    Goofy Line on PowerBook 180c Display

    I think my issue is that I'm not as confident with a soldering iron as you guys are. I feel like I have a better than even chance of taking a currently working display and making a mess of it if I were to attempt a recap, at least as my skills sit now. Reinforcing the hinge mounts is something...
  20. bigD

    Goofy Line on PowerBook 180c Display

    Mine has minor banding as well. As fragile as these things are becoming, I’m planning on simply letting it go until it gets significantly worse.