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  1. davidg5678

    HDMI to TMDS Adapter - Hook HDMI video source to your G4 Mac

    Cool project! Do you know if this PCB is compatible with all models of iMac G4, or only specific ones? Does using converter PCB mean that no wires need to be cut during the iMac conversion process? It sounds like I would need to desolder the SMD connector from my iMac's logic board and then...
  2. davidg5678

    Upgrading iBook Clamshell Display?

    I just took my old LED driver board mod apart and reconfigured it to match the plans posted by @AEChadwick. So far, so good! It all seems to be working perfectly --much better than the previous mod revision, with seemingly none of the old drawbacks. A big thank you to @AEChadwick for sharing all...
  3. davidg5678

    Upgrading iBook Clamshell Display?

    This is excellent! I haven't given this new version of the mod a shot yet because my iBook is still recovering from a partially finished XGA mod. BTW, I saw your post on another forum about the fully upgraded iBook you've built and I'm very impressed! I hope to get my clamshell to a similar...
  4. davidg5678

    Upgrading iBook Clamshell Display?

    Fantastic! I look forward to trying this out!
  5. davidg5678

    Upgrading iBook Clamshell Display?

    Great work! I'll have to play around with this at some point! Two questions: Does this version of the mod fix the issue where the brightness gets sort of "jumpy" as you go between the levels? I remember my mod idea from 2021 wasn't perfect because the brightness would sometimes increase even...
  6. davidg5678

    Bought iPod 4th Gen - Nothing going.

    I foolishly tried this in August without shaking the can of Brasso first, and it ended poorly. Very thin oil poured out of the can and immediately seeped inside the LCD panel and click wheel of my iPod. The moral of the story: mix the Brasso and pour it onto a rag first, not directly onto the...
  7. davidg5678

    requesting help with network speeds on G4 Quicksilver OSX 10.4.11

    Are you trying to run a modern speed test like speedtest.net? There is a ton of overhead in actually running the javascript and everything else online, so it wouldn't surprise me if the problem is that the G4 is struggling to cope with overhead, rather than actually having slow ethernet. The...
  8. davidg5678

    iBook Clamshell Lime Power Issue

    In the picture you posted, it doesn't look like the DC-in board is fully seated in its connector on the logic board. Did you eventually plug it in the rest of the way? The issue could very well be the power brick as well. I once had a power brick with a mangled connector, and this was nearly...
  9. davidg5678

    Bombed Macintosh Classic Failing to start after attempted fix + recap

    Great work! Another Macintosh Classic is back in working order. I'll have to try putting together one of these replica boards together once more are manufactured!
  10. davidg5678

    Reversing Retrobright Bleaching on a Macintosh 512k Mouse

    Here's another possible solution: let the mouse sit untouched for a couple of years. Some of my earlier retrobrite disasters (and successes) seem to have reverted to their prior condition after sitting for about six years in storage.
  11. davidg5678

    Bombed Macintosh Classic Failing to start after attempted fix + recap

    Where did you find this? Are they still available for sale somewhere? I've been thinking about doing a similar job to my battery-damaged classic board. I tried the same serial diagnostic that you did, but I couldn't get it to work either. My Classic must be too far gone. I think it might be...
  12. davidg5678

    Repairing an Apple 45W Power Adapter M7332 (Yo-Yo charger)

    I think I know which piece you are referring to now: https://www.amazon.com/USB-C-2-5mm-Emulator-Trigger-Laptop/dp/B07P81526M
  13. davidg5678

    Repairing an Apple 45W Power Adapter M7332 (Yo-Yo charger)

    I used a standard USB-C to USB-C cable, the same one I use to charge my Google Pixel phone.
  14. davidg5678

    Bombed Macintosh Classic Failing to start after attempted fix + recap

    Have you confirmed the serial adapter works with another computer? I think you can use a program called Zterm on a vintage Mac to test this. Another program that I used a couple of years back is called MicroPhone (I can't remember, but this one might be better than Zterm?). You should be able to...
  15. davidg5678

    Bombed Macintosh Classic Failing to start after attempted fix + recap

    Bummer about the wrong pinout serial cable. For the USB-serial adapter, I had success using a standard DB9 adapter with a second DB9 to DIN cable connected between it and the Macintosh. Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/PCCables-com-Female-Mini-8-pin-Male/dp/B00ALULFX0...
  16. davidg5678

    Bombed Macintosh Classic Failing to start after attempted fix + recap

    Great work bringing the power supply and analog board back to life! While the computer still isn't booting, we now know most of the main components are working. You should be able to use any modern computer and a USB to serial adapter. Something like a Unix/Linux terminal, ZTERM, or PuTTY...
  17. davidg5678

    PowerBook G3 Kanga will only run OS 8.1, otherwise cryptic errors appear

    This sounds like it might be a RAM issue to me. My theory is that OS9 likely uses more RAM than OS8, so it doesn't exhibit symptoms under OS8. I wonder what happens if you saturate the RAM when running OS8. Does it crash? I'd try replacing the RAM stick and see what happens.
  18. davidg5678

    Bombed Macintosh Classic Failing to start after attempted fix + recap

    Good work on the battery-damaged logic board! I did something to a similar PCB a few years ago, and almost got it working again. (You've reminded me I should dig it out and play with it again :).) From your photos, it looks to me like there's a considerable amount of capacitor leakage on the...
  19. davidg5678

    iBook Clamshell

    I've done overclocking to my clamshell. The improved performance results were absolutely worth it for me. You should be comfortable soldering resistors that small, but otherwise, as long as you start with a light overclock, and build up from there, I think the risks aren't terribly high. I did...
  20. davidg5678

    iBook Clamshell - Bongs, but no Happy/Sad Mac?

    If you unplug both the SSD and the CD-ROM drive, you should still expect to see a blinking system folder with a question mark. If this doesn't show up, something else must be wrong with the iBook. If Open Firmware isn't loading, this seems like it may be a more significant issue than just the...