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    Macintosh 128k Chimes but no Video - Not analog board

    Sadly that didn’t fix the issue.
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    Macintosh Classic won't start

    Have you tested the fuse? Funnily I have a Mac Classic analog board that does the exact same thing. Just died out of nowhere one day. I also recapped it and haven't gotten it working.
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    Macintosh 128k Chimes but no Video - Not analog board

    Sorry, what I meant was I tedted another working logic board in the case and it worked. It’s a logic board issue.
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    Macintosh 128k Chimes but no Video - Not analog board

    I have a Mac 128k board (later revision) that chimes but has no screen. I’ve confirmed this isn’t an analog board issue with another working board. What could be the issue? I’ve seen some people say the RAM muxes, how do I test for that? Where even are those? Not sure what to do here. The board...
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    Color Classic stuck on grey screen

    Hello everyone, I have a CC board that I've recapped and cleaned. When I try and boot, it turns on with no chime and no mouse pointer, just gets stuck at the grey screen. There's no floppy activity either. I heard this could be the EGRET or the small chip next to it, but I removed and cleaned...
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    Color Classic - Grey screen with no chime, mouse or boot

    Did you get it fixed? Mine does the same thing, I desoldered the Egret chip. Grey screen with no pointer.
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    Mac 512K boot but not chime

    Bad speaker? See if there's sound coming from the headphone jack.
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    Mac IIci PSU compatible with PowerMac 7100?

    Ok so I tested the PowerMac 7100 power supply inside my IIci, and it does indeed work fine. Thank you everyone!
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    Mac IIci PSU compatible with PowerMac 7100?

    Yes, but I saw that there are 2 options, one for the IIci and one for the 7100. One is 108W and the other is 112W, for the IIci and 7100 respectively. Should I test it out? Will the 4 extra W hurt the computer?
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    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    Does anyone know how close these are to completion? I need a IIci power supply and an LC. Thank you!
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    Mac IIci PSU compatible with PowerMac 7100?

    Hi, I have a IIci with what I think is a dead PSU (no power, completely dead) and I need to either recap it or get a new power supply. It just so happens that I have a PowerMac 7100, and according to this website...
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    Mac Classic Analog Board Completely Dead

    I already recapped it.
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    Mac Classic Analog Board Completely Dead

    I picked up a Mac Classic which didn't work. Logic board has been recapped and works in a different case, but the analog board doesn't do anything. No fan spin, crt, nothing. I did a full recap on the analog board, which took me 6 hours and was really frustrated that it still didn't work...
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    G4 Cube Laptop Optical Drive Bracket

    Did you find it? My cube cd drive doesn’t work either.
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    Performa/LC TDK power supply overvoltage

    All of the dead TDK Psu's I've recapped still don't work. They just click click click. The only time Ive gotten a recap to work on these was when they were still working.
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    Macintosh Classic Restoration

    I recently picked up a Macintosh Classic from Craigslist, which looked to be in super good condition. Case was really white, mouse looked to be like new. The only= thing was, it didn't work. When I asked about it, I fully expected it to be blown up and destroyed by a Maxell bomb. But he...
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    Drive gear needed for an AppleCD SC

    Is this the same gear used in the Applecd300 and 600? If so this is great, because I haven't found any replacements. My drives haven't broken yet, but it's just a matter of time.