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  1. Gryphel

    Free 68k (dis)assembler for Mac?

    The debugging tools you describe in MAME/MESS sound pretty useful. But the specific comment you are replying to is about a disassembler, FDisasm, that avoids the issues you describe, by allowing one to create format files to annotate the disassembly, and then distribute those format files...
  2. Gryphel

    Mac 512k -> 1024k ?

    The 64K ROM has a test for memory size between offsets 0x2DE and 0x2F6, which has only a single conditional branch for distinguishing 128k and 512k. This code can be looked at with FDisasm.
  3. Gryphel

    running a classic OS under windows?

    Here is a list I maintain of ways to run Macintosh 680x0 software.
  4. Gryphel

    Writing a Time Manager Task for 68k

    This is discussed on page 3-13 of the Time Manager chapter in "Inside Macintosh: Processes" (linked to in my list of Apple Developer Documentation), which has similar sample code. So yes, it says the task record is passed in register A1, which means that the Time Manager task is not following...
  5. Gryphel

    Writing a system Extension

    There is some documentation about "Writing a System Extension" in Chapter 9 ("Start Manager") of "Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities", which is available online. (I provide a link on my Apple Developer Documentation page. It says that a "system extension does not enjoy the full status...
  6. Gryphel

    Anyone running a old time hobby server? (Netscape 3.0?)

    The Gryphel Project web site, about preserving early Macintosh software, is intended to be viewable on a Macintosh Plus using the earliest web browsers. Feedback is welcome if there are problems.
  7. Gryphel

    Recent professional or homebrew games for Compact Macs?

    I just tested Gryversi running in the Mac 128K emulation of Mini vMac. I have something labeled System Software 0.5 (with Finder 4.1), and also a System Software 0.1 (with Finder 1.1g). Gryversi works fine in both.
  8. Gryphel

    Recent professional or homebrew games for Compact Macs?

    Gryversi, my simple Reversi game, might count. In 2006 I updated it to work on Macintosh 512K. A number of other games in my list of software have modifications dates after 2000, but I haven't tested them on a Mac 512K. They all work on a Macintosh Plus (which is a "Compact Mac" also).
  9. Gryphel

    Software Development and Unimplemented Traps with System 3.2

    One thing about FSOpen is that it is not a ROM trap, it is provided by glue in your development environment. (The low level trap is PBOpen.) It is possible that your development environment may not support the oldest Macs. I've run into such issues. For my Mini vMac Extras I tend to not use the...
  10. Gryphel

    Apple Older Software Downloads

    It is still possible to get directory listings, using a trick by Hiroto. Start at http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/ and retry until the correct listing appears. As far as I know it is legal, which is why I put some Macintosh System Software links on my web site.
  11. Gryphel

    Macintosh toolbox assembly reference?

    Also, the Trap Manager chapter (of the Operating System Utilities section of the Inside Mac pdf files) gives a lot of information about trap dispatching, including calling conventions.
  12. Gryphel

    Macintosh toolbox assembly reference?

    Many of the Macintosh toolbox traps use the Pascal calling convention, documented in the pdf Mac OS Runtime Architectures from Apple, in chapter 11. Some of the traps don't use this calling convention. These tend to be documented in Inside Mac (see my list of Apple Developer Documentation, and...
  13. Gryphel

    Apple Older Software Downloads

    Since the files are still available from Apple, and just the page of links is gone, I've made some pages of selected links for Macintosh Plus System Software, for English North American versions of System 6, System 7.0, and System 7.5.
  14. Gryphel

    Data Desk for Macintosh 680x0 now freeware

    I've updated Data Desk for Macintosh 680x0. I've removed all references to the help pages, and the Web Search Query command, which also won't work in Mini vMac. I also made the default Interface Scale smaller, so as to work better on Mini vMac's default screen size.
  15. Gryphel

    Data Desk for Macintosh 680x0 now freeware

    Oops, thanks for pointing that out. It is supposed to go to a web page, but that isn't implemented in this port, and wouldn't work in Mini vMac anyway. I'll remove that button from the About dialog, and other references. (It may be better not to send users of this freeware version to Data...
  16. Gryphel

    Data Desk for Macintosh 680x0 now freeware

    Data Desk is a tool for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). First released in 1986, it is one of the oldest Macintosh programs still actively developed and sold. It is now cross platform with support for OS X and Windows. I've received permission to compile a version for Macintosh 680x0 and make...
  17. Gryphel

    Inside Macintosh

    Also, I maintain a list of these links, at "http://www.gryphel.com/c/books/appledev.html" (search for the word "download"). Apple does change things now and then. If the links stop working, let me know and I will update them.
  18. Gryphel

    Need help converting old Ready,Set,Go! files to pdf/jpg

    An alternative is to print to a postscript file, which is built into the operating system. From the Mini vMac FAQ: How can I print from Mini vMac? There is no direct support for printing, but you can use the ability built into System 6.0.8 and later to print to a Postscript file. You can then...
  19. Gryphel

    Macintosh Programmer's Workshop on Mini vMac

    I have looked into this, and it turns out that it is possible to distinguish between these keys with some extra code, looking at the extended key flag. I've implemented this and it seems to work. It will be in the next alpha version. For now, command-return is a good alternative in MPW...
  20. Gryphel

    Free 68k (dis)assembler for Mac?

    My FDisasm is free and open source. It is far from perfect, but I have still found it useful. Bug reports are welcome.