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    Two (hardware?) problems with an SE/30

    Hi 6502! My SE/30 has the exact same problem 1. I also checked the continuity of the traces... without any luck. I never was able to find a working solution. So I hope maybe we can finally fix this pesky issue! Please keep us posted when you receive the filters :)
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    Apple ][ Europlus Rebuild (Project Thread with Images)

    yeeeeaaah I kinda didn't do that and now a little part of my finger is orange haha. It's really junk.
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    Apple ][ Europlus Rebuild (Project Thread with Images)

    Thanks for showing us the capacitors. Received two working apple IIe's yesterday with smoke out of the PSU's, Jep... got 5 PSU's and all 5 had several of these bursted caps. My god the SMELL :lol:
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    Plus AB Voltage Issues, Resoldering Failure.

    Thank you! That's already a relief! :O I will probably de-solder some of the resistors near the connector to the neck and see if something is flaky there.
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    Plus AB Voltage Issues, Resoldering Failure.

    Yeah, I broke something again... :p Feel like an idiot; Everything I put my hands on breaks lately, so here goes: One of my pluses suffered from your average no-video problem, hit the side, would flash back into video, just to lose it again sometime later. So on to resoldering then...
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    Download .SEA to windows 7, transfer to 1.44mb, use on 68k?

    Yeah that probably needed a little more explaination :P" Here you go :) 1.png 2.png 3.png
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    Download .SEA to windows 7, transfer to 1.44mb, use on 68k?

    FWIW, The type and creator can also be edited using HFVExplorer! That is how I mostly transfer mac files on Windows 7.
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    Recreated original demo?

    I thought Steve insisted on doing as much as possible from the mac itself. Even if most of it was 'just a video' and the music was external. So it might be very well the Mac itself the screen was hooked up to. EDIT: HAH! You beat me to it :lol:
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    ImageWrite II International users: Beware!

    Hahaha we in the Netherlands run on 230V, NOW WHAT? :lol:
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    Mac Plus Black boot scene with happy mac

    Hah! I once got a 'non working, for parts' plus that had a similar symptom. Turned out to be that resistor as well. Good you figured it out ;)
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    SE/30 Floppy Troubles

    Yeah that's bizarre. Did you measure if the pin, when not grounded, is actually pulled up to 5V?
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    Apple ][ Europlus Rebuild (Project Thread with Images)

    Oh man, love these threads. You put so much care into fixing this machine. Fantastic work. I hope that one day I can also experience what an Apple II is like.
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    SE/30 Floppy Troubles

    Unfortunately not :C! That is the problem; I don't understand how a very simple, single connection from chip A to chip B only using the upper and lower planes of the PCB with two vias straight trough can cause ANY issues! As far as my testing goes the pins are not shorted out by any gunk or...
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    Battery Disasters Averted!

    Aah now those cleaned up nicely! Congrats on saving two more Macs from the dead. Especially since they are both SE/30's :)
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    Compact Frame Restoration (After a Maxel-Massacare)

    Cr@psickles! Horizontal zebra-stripes with a few loose pixels at the left part of the screen. Uniserver was right. FOR NOW }:)
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    Macintosh Classic Onboard RAM upgrade?! Eh?

    Wikipedia says that you have to change the memory map along with that for it to work... now I'm sorry, I don't really know exactly how all that works, but does a certain chip 'respond' to a certain address? Or is that set in the ROM?
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    My Macintosh IIci: New Logic Board, New Problems

    Ok, tested some things. If lets say you don't have the ram installed of pairs in four identical SIMMs, it chimes, but then directly after that it gives a sad mac with chimes of death. Now if a ram chip were to be bad, I would think that that would be become visible during any ram counting...
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    [SE30] Repair in progress

    Ok that's amazing, never knew that a mac could do that. as for how the TechStep does enable the troubleshooting mode, that could be as easy as just sending "HELLOMACIMTECHSTEP" to one of the serial ports, since it has to communicate with the ROM anyway, everything an be done softwarematically.
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    [SE30] Repair in progress

    HEY :-/ Just came across something... Your chime of death sounds weird. It has the sharp two extra tones in it. now also shows your death chime out of a IIciCould this help diagnosing a certain problem? Also sorry if I'm spamming your thread.
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    [SE30] Repair in progress

    Very interesting. Well, at least the SE/30 has dedicated VRAM to begin with :D P.S. Oh yeah Uni you sent me one of his videos too, love 'em, watched a whole bunch!