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    Recapped Analog Board Macintosh Plus Stuck at the First Screen

    More likely it will be the headphone socket not the speaker
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    SE/30 - Design for Drop in Replacement Power Supply

    atx4vc.com I have used these in a couple of SE/30s and they are good
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    Coolest 68k Powerbooks to own?

    Have a 165c OK but screen is hard to get right, either correct contrast and not bright enough or just bright enough and washed out. PB150 is ok. BTW Anyone have a screen for a PB100?
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    SE/30 with cross inside floppy icon (not booting)

    Have you unplugged the Floppy drive? Worth a try with BMOW rom. Caps, clean board, remove RAM and clean RAM sockets. iI no go SWIM as cheesestraws suggests
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    Can someone help me identify this Color Classic's Logic Board?

    Thanks for that I knew the 575 was a drop in but hard too come by at a sensible price now. Seems to be a few 5000 and 6000 series boards about at a reasonable price so was curious. cheers
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    Can someone help me identify this Color Classic's Logic Board?

    Will those boards work without mods in a colour classic?
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    Mac 512k issues

    Looks like ROM chips may be swapped around and something else as well causing half screen.
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    SE/30 ROM Socket Question

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    My first 68k Mac - Macintosh SE 2x 800k

    Congrats beware the Mac bug has bitten!
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    How to fix this distortion on the display? Picture inside.

    I'd adjust the vertical and horizontal size via the analogue board, screen is a bit too big.. Check your 5v as well. then fiddle with the yoke magnets in the middle on each side. The easiest way I have found to get the screen size and aspect correct is to use the black and white squares...
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    512k ?

    The AB is a new old stock and works perfectly with plus board. I suspect the LB maybe memory or? thanks
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    512k ?

    Thanks have checked this
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    512k ?

    Hi Brains Trust. 512k bongs and the screen displays expected startup for about a second then black. Anyone experienced this and can head me in the direction of possible culprit/s Cheers
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    Loosening Powerbook g4 Ti Hinges

    Maybe the smallest drop of light machine oil?
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    Some old school mods!!!

    I've done a bit more exploring. I've pulled one apart and the power supply works (yes I am aware that they can bite). Had a good look at the 512k board and it looks good, next I'll give it a good clean up and test. The cases are very basic but I think I'll retro and tidy up and reassemble into...
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    Some old school mods!!!

    I plan to get at least one working and then tidy it up as a restored example
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    Some old school mods!!!

    Ordered the rgbtohdmi see what happens
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    Some old school mods!!!

    Hey thanks for the info fellas
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    Some old school mods!!!

    Thanks found Build your own MAC very interesting