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  1. aeberbach

    SE/30 - Design for Drop in Replacement Power Supply

    The thing I have done is not aiming at a drop-in replacement but might help if you want 3D files to look at, part numbers for the switch and IEC inlet - the datasheets are there and they are still available from Mouser/Digikey etc. https://github.com/aeberbach/ReAnalog/tree/main/PSU
  2. aeberbach

    What is this card I have in my SE/30 ?

    I think there was probably some other circuitry to attach to that board to provide video output to some other device. The logic chip there is probably being used as a buffer to drive those lines without affecting internal video. Compact mac video is hsync, vsync and 1-bit pixel data - no monitor...
  3. aeberbach

    Question about DVI port

    If you have the analog pins are all wired up (four pins in a square above and below the horizontal terminal) you should be fine to convert to VGA. But are they connected on the card? It is very likely they are, but even a card that has no contacts behind the holes will have physical holes for...
  4. aeberbach

    128 pin PGA sockets for 68030s that don't suck?

    I also always lever up with a screwdriver inserted under the chip. The official chip remover looked like a tiny rake, intended for inserting under the PGA and levering upwards, so if I can't get one of those the screwdriver, carefully applied, is probably the next best thing. Beware the cheap...
  5. aeberbach

    Hi - getting a Platinum is very near the top of my list. Some kind of trade could definitely be...

    Hi - getting a Platinum is very near the top of my list. Some kind of trade could definitely be done, did you want an Atari 400? I have a Mac-Con pass-through PDS ethernet card for SE30. Sony VAIOs, PCG21212W (small, cute, white) and PCG-8M1P (Pentium 4, huge). Ans money of course!
  6. aeberbach

    Re-finish IO shield for SE/30 reloaded?

    Depending on where you live a nearby metal shop may be able to bead blast and then galvanize it for you?
  7. aeberbach

    iifx too far gone

    You can buy NuBus connectors - DIN 41612 is what they go by on electronics distributors like Digikey and they are usually in stock, still in use in many systems.
  8. aeberbach

    Questions about Meow Toast battery replacement

    I originally bought a 3D printer to solve the problem of positioning a replacement keyboard inside an Amiga 1200, but these days I do more printing and designing than vintage computing. It's a lot of fun!
  9. aeberbach

    9" Monitor alignment tool?

    They have become a little bit rare. I would 3D print one or just take a plastic shaft (big knitting needle perhaps) and shape it on a belt sander.
  10. aeberbach

    fixable or should i just order a replacement pcb now?

    I'm guessing no, great opportunity to move to a new PCB - but you won't know until it's clean.
  11. aeberbach

    3D Printing The Notorious DB19!

    I did a similar thing for the also-unobtainable DB23: https://aeberbach.github.io/posts/2021-08-26-amiga-db23/ STL files: https://www.printables.com/model/81148-db23-plug-for-amiga-floppy-drive I can probably dig up the Solidworks source files if anyone wants them. I found the biggest problem...
  12. aeberbach

    Mac Mini 1.5GHz CPU question

    Yes Apple labelled the 1.5GHz as 1.42GHz (at least the one I had, which did have the 64MB VRAM) - officially the 1.5GHz didn't exist. You can look up the serial number.
  13. aeberbach

    A "touchy" subject

    I've experienced 240V mains a few times, it's never something you want to repeat. But this has been on a wooden floor, wearing shoes, one-handed. There's no calculating how bad it will be @smrieck511 - the consequences can depend on your personal conductivity and vulnerability, the path from the...
  14. aeberbach

    Did the 68k machine have a presence in the demoscene?

    Probably the Radius Rocket was faster, yes, but available when the IIfx launched? How much later did the first Amiga 040 appear? There's probably a youtube video about exactly who had the lead in the race to Mac faster in the 90s.
  15. aeberbach

    Did the 68k machine have a presence in the demoscene?

    At the time of the IIfx... the fastest Mac you could get was an Amiga 68030 @50MHz running a Mac emulator, and it worked out far cheaper then the real Mac too. 68k Macs were great for many reasons but demo capabilities were definitely not one.
  16. aeberbach

    My Macintosh Quadra 700 Clean Up and Fixes

    Beautiful job, I would not have picked that the color was not quite perfect. Is there a video or blog illustrating that JB Weld technique for old case repair?
  17. aeberbach

    Best SE/30 revision Logic Board?

    Definitely the one with metal SIMM clips and socketed processor. That said, keep both.
  18. aeberbach

    Received /// enormous boxes, delighted by the contents

    This is the thing about living around the bay, people just casually toss oscilloscopes, computers, CNC machines, reflow ovens, mass spectrometers etc... you should try living in Melbourne, the best thing I have picked up recently is a 2010 iMac (that needed a new power supply and my parents are...