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  1. nickpunt

    Project30 - fourth edition - Radius IIsi NuBus Adapter build for SE/30?

    iirc we know some nubus cards aren't too strict about nubus timing from prior tests by @joethezombie with the radius, which makes me think a very mild overclock of the SE30 (~18mhz?) might produce some balanced state where both nubus cards and the se/30's features like sound/floppy work by not...
  2. nickpunt

    chiptripper's finds

    @chiptripper haven't booted mine up! It was a garage find, I'm not partial to the Classic so I'll probably get rid of it
  3. nickpunt

    chiptripper's finds

    I've got one of those, same load out
  4. nickpunt

    Best games/apps to showcase B&W mac?

    I loved this game back in the day: Snoopy vs the Red Baron https://www.macintoshrepository.org/43231-snoopy-vs-the-red-baron (also, anyone want to put it on a DSK format so its easy to run in vMac?)
  5. nickpunt

    OrangePC 290

    @micheledipaola Q: When launching the OrangePC, I get nothing but ``error type 11" and cannot get beyond this point for the installation. Some of the newer Macintosh computers will not run the OrangePC application with earlier MacOS system versions. Install MacOS 7.5.5 or greater. Use...
  6. nickpunt

    Hypothesis: Apple intended to launch the LC475/Q605 in late summer 1993

    Thank you @CTB for chiming in with the history! I guess Apple's best intentions for product differentiation with Performa / LC didn't quite happen in reality, as they didn't in so many ways in that era. Seems like the LC475 case is now closed, so to speak :)
  7. nickpunt

    Hypothesis: Apple intended to launch the LC475/Q605 in late summer 1993

    @NJRoadfan amazing thanks for the link up! Relevant part: > Other models of Mac only existed because of the DET [Dept of Education of Australia]'s contract such as the LC475 auto inject case and floppy drive (which was a rework of surplus LCIII’s in the Singapore factory warehouse. If this is...
  8. nickpunt

    Hypothesis: Apple intended to launch the LC475/Q605 in late summer 1993

    New evidence as come to light! A photo from Apple's Infinite Loop campus store from this reddit thread shows a Performa 460, 475, and 550 side-by-side, with the P475 is in the old-style case, and the P460 is in the transitional espresso case. This shows that Apple was selling old-style 475s at...
  9. nickpunt

    PowerBook G3 Wallstreet replace CCFL with LED strip

    Nice job! The movie helps, even tho the screen doesn't change brightness you can tell it's working based on the surroundings getting darker :) Have you considered making a YouTube video that explains the whole mod & walks through the changes? If not you then maybe teaming up with a YouTuber who...
  10. nickpunt

    The Manhole

    Haha I thought I was the only one with such a weird hobby overlap (old macs & old maps). These are some of my collection of early 19th century city maps from the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK), which are just aesthetically gorgeous in how they express city architecture...
  11. nickpunt

    Universal power adapter for various laptops

    I bet you can find that connector part number if you spend some time on parts websites. I found those weird Winbook ones in <10mins of searching. I doubt any connector is really bespoke to a manufacturer and isn't in supply somewhere in the parts universe, you just gotta want it enough to keep...
  12. nickpunt

    Universal power adapter for various laptops

    @3lectr1cPPC haha I was thinking about tagging you in this post since I know you've got a big collection! Yeah some kind of benchtop supply with presets and swappable plugs is an ideal solution. I think the connectors are all sourcable from Mouser et al with a little bit of searching around, so...
  13. nickpunt

    Universal power adapter for various laptops

    I've got a collection of a bunch of old laptops (Powerbooks, Sony Vaios, Thinkpads, etc) and I don't like having to keep all the power adapters along with them. Two questions: 1. Is there a high quality universal power supply with selectable voltage and swappable plugs that anyone recommends? I...
  14. nickpunt

    JLCPCB seems too good to be true

    FWIW I think @beachycove is spot on re:dumping. There's big geopolitical shifts happening with China's increasing willingness to throw their weight around to get what they want and retain their power. Dumping like this is a very cheap strategy to undermine adversaries without them realizing it...
  15. nickpunt

    History of ROM programmers and release of new ROM programmer

    This is such an incredibly well put together and informative video @JDW!
  16. nickpunt

    Interware GrandVimage 24-21s Info Dump

    Here's what I have in my archive of interware stuff. I saved PDFs of webpages that showed how to make one of the earlier models' video cables. I don't remember how I got the zips but they're from the japanese sites and I think are archived hqx files of various drivers for various Interware...
  17. nickpunt

    Interware GrandVimage 24-21s Info Dump

    Thanks for compiling everything! I have the 24-16s with less vram. I always wondered whether soldering some vram on the empty pads would bump it up but I'd never seen a 24-21s til now. Seems like the only differences are the vram and a capacitor on the back, and possibly a 21s ROM.
  18. nickpunt

    Help Identifying Macintosh Notebook

    After going down the rabbit hole, I think the only two options are: this was made by Apple to test the viability of a new Mac Portable style based on the LC, or this was the DynaMac LC Display, build in collaboration with Apple. I still lean toward the latter, for the reasons below. Elsies in...
  19. nickpunt

    This came up on the LC portable thread since it used the same screen. Maybe numbers on the back...

    This came up on the LC portable thread since it used the same screen. Maybe numbers on the back of this help? https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/help-identifying-macintosh-notebook.45203/
  20. nickpunt

    Help Identifying Macintosh Notebook

    Ok I'll bite, this is an interesting mystery and I have a hypothesis. Requires going through the What, Why, When, and Who. The What: Prototype Parts @ArmorAlley Fu Yu Manufacturing is a plastic molding company that worked with Apple (Singapore Business, 1997) @Performa450 Agree I think the...