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    NuBusFPGA: HDMI on NuBus Macs

    To match it, you’d have to use a PDS card instead of NuBus…
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    NuBusFPGA: HDMI on NuBus Macs

    I'm pretty sure that's only if you sell it; and mark it with the registered trademarks. However - I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, etc, etc... But in this case; it's most definitely NOT an HDMI connection - that would require adherence to HDCP, etc - it's just a DVI signal being sent...
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    Term for Mac Plus and Earlier Keyboard Connector?

    There wasn't. It's just the 128k/512k/512ke/Plus keyboard and mouse connectors.
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    NuBusFPGA: HDMI on NuBus Macs

    FWIW, on my other machine (2015 i7 iMac) I've got a linux-based VM that runs Xilinx ISE... although I haven't tested programming an XC9500 series chip with it yet. It's based off of the VM that Xilinx was distributing for running ISE under Windows 10. IIRC, it runs in VirtualBox.
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    Daystar Genesis MP

    I remember being at Macworld when these first came out, seeing it run - and really wanting one badly, but knowing that there was no way I was going to be able to get the budget for that. IIRC, the initial multiprocessing services manager that Apple shipped with the OS was licensed from Daystar...
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    Idea: Arduino style board for hacking the PDS slot?

    OK, I'm back and have had a chance to read the thread. It looks like it's not quite as bad as I had thought; however I'd still use a CPLD to manage the low-level bus interface - it's just not that hard of a thing to integrate, compared to what it gives you. From Designing Cards and Drivers...
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    Idea: Arduino style board for hacking the PDS slot?

    I haven't had a chance to fully read the thread since I made the post - and I'm on my way out the door right now - so I'll have more to say about it later; but... I am making the presumption that the MCU will service interrupts other than the bus interface interrupt; which will totally kill any...
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    Idea: Arduino style board for hacking the PDS slot?

    A Microcontroller won't have the performance needed for a direct CPU-bus interface. You'll need to use a CPLD and some discrete logic at a minimum; but adding a FPGA to the mix would really help matters. The XC9500 series CPLD is 5V tolerant but runs at 3.3v; and is available in QFP packaging...
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    A/B and Flyback issue futureproofing from the other side of the Looking Glass?

    What I had in mind was to completely replace all of the circuits on the Analog Board - HV drive for the CRT's anode & cathode; sweep, blanking, etc. What I'm looking for datasheet-wise is something that gives a) the pinouts of the CRT; and b) the voltages and currents required.
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    A/B and Flyback issue futureproofing from the other side of the Looking Glass?

    No, I don't - hence the question. I'm wondering if the old Sam's Photofact sets might have something in it?
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    Development of Nubus graphics card outputting to HDMI?

    The other possibility is to cut the resolution in half in both directions 1920x1080 becomes 960x540; and just have the FPGA do the pixel doubling so the 68k processor only sees the lower resolution.
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    A/B and Flyback issue futureproofing from the other side of the Looking Glass?

    If we could find the data sheets for the CRTs themselves, we could design a driver board that uses all modern general purpose parts - a microcontroller to generate the requisite waveforms; voltage multipliers to drive the high voltage for the tube itself, etc…
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    5.25 Drive in Powermac

    In principle, a board could be designed to interface a PC 5.25 drive to SCSI - perhaps based off the BlueSCSI project. You'd then have to write a driver for the Mac to read it. AdaFruit has recently done some work interfacing floppy drives to their CircuitPython boards... so resources are out...
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    Idea: Macintosh Classic III (LC550+M1420)

    Uhh... shouldn't the frame rate be tied to the 60hz vertical blanking interrupt?
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    Snatched a Quicksilver. Unsure why.

    Hey - at least you don't have wildlife jumping out in front of you while you're driving back from said storage units!
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    Snatched a Quicksilver. Unsure why.

    Slap some PV panels on your roof and quit worrying about it. ;) (seriously - the emissions from just changing your driving style a little bit absolutely dwarf what a computer uses. 1 Horsepower = 0.7457 kW)
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    Snatched a Quicksilver. Unsure why.

    What to use it for? Marathon, of course!
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    Help getting started with retro software development

    It is a hard-learned truth that the fewer lines of code you have, the better off you are: that's code that you don't have to maintain... and that applies to everything from tiny microcontrollers to classic computers to large systems running on modern hardware. So, yeah - prune it down to the...
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    I sprung the $$$ for the compiling service at www.gryphel.com... I can only presume whatever warnings the complier may be throwing are getting tossed into /dev/null....
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    Original BMUG Disks

    I've found that sometimes 70% isopropyl won't work for some stuff - I have to use 99%; because what the other 30% is made of in 70% isopropyl is water; and some stuff is very hydrophobic.