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    mAcTX LC Boards

    Alex Perez has reached out to me seeking permission to sell the design on his store, Rabbit Hole Computing. I have authorized him to sell the mAcTX LC and use the mAcTX LC name for the product. You are, of course, still free to download the design and make your own adaptations as you see fit; I...
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    mAcTX LC Boards

    I have been told that the original post got lost in a forum crash, so. Once again, here's the mAcTX LC KiCad project. Public domain, do whatever, yadda yadda; I just ask that you don't use the mAcTX name if you use this in your own project and don't sell for profit. This only covers the LC...
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    Replica boxing for Macintosh SE

    So let's see, between this, the MacEffects SE case, and Kai's SE logic board repro... are we able to make a complete, brand-new run of Mac SEs exactly as they would have been made factory in '87? :D
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    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    In addition to the above update, here's some news on the mAcTX LC front: I do intend to produce another run of boards at some point. However due to the uncertainty of USPS's future, I will not be offering any more for sale until this picture becomes a little more clear. Maybe I will have to...
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    LC Boot Issues

    Pictures are over here:  The last batch I did with a $10 flat shipping charge, $30 for a DIY kit or $40 fully assembled. Bring your own picoPSU.
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    LC Boot Issues

    More than likely, the board caps are the culprit here. Bad caps on the logic board make the system behave weirdly like what you're seeing. As far as the no sound issue, check the blue wire on the power supply - the LC needs -5v to generate sound and I'd be willing to bet that your power supply...
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    Duo Li-ion Battery

    Now this is interesting - My Powerbook 150 has a surprisingly good battery for being a 25-year-old NiMh, but I've got several really cool PC laptops with dead NiMh batteries that I'd like to revive at some point.
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction

    This'll be a fun project and I might have to get in on a board or two. Both my SEs sit in the corner gathering dust because they have bum SIMM sockets. Stupid brittle plastic clips.
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    Classic Restore

    Grab a set of calipers ($20 at Harbor Freight - https://www.harborfreight.com/6-in-digital-caliper-63711.html ) and measure the diameter of the original capacitor, then try and find something similar to that.
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    GEMDOS on the Lisa can be built again!

    Model ID: 1 -- Lisa 2: Sony, old I/O board Boot device: 2 Top of memory: 0x00180000
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    GEMDOS on the Lisa can be built again!

    I've got the initial disk images you posted over here and it's no trouble to get it reinstalled :)
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    Resurrecting a few 128k/512k boards

    I ended up paying about that much per 4164 off eBay to get my 128k going. 
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    Any interest in 16MB Mac IIFX memory modules?

    Sign me up for a full 128MB.
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    GEMDOS on the Lisa can be built again!

    So it boots off an X/Profile on a 2/5. HELLO.APP works, but 1ST_WORD.APP causes a complete system hang when trying to create a new document. Make sure to have a floppy disk inserted if you try to access the drive, otherwise it will crash the system with Lisa Error 47. Also: don't forget to copy...
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    GEMDOS on the Lisa can be built again!

    As a side note, does anyone know what happened to the Lisa Office System source release from a few years back?
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    Macintosh SE/30 screen "shimmering" issue

    If I had to guess - and it is just a guess - it's probably magnetic interference from the hard drive. I've got an IBM PS/2 Model 25, IBM's answer to the Macintosh all-in-one PC, and the hard drive in that thing does create a very slight wobble on the screen. If I unplug power to the drive, it...
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    Cards and drives

    All of these C clamps need to come off. There are four screws on the underside of the drive that need to be removed, then the loading mechanism will pop right out. I'd also suggest removing the eject motor and giving that a good cleaning and lube too; that's just held in with screws. Be careful...
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    Cards and drives

    The 400k drives have a really bad problem with the original lubricant hardening and causing the mechanism to freeze up. You have to disassemble the whole loading mechanism, degrease, and relubricate.
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    SE Revival

    Fortunately, PC 720k disks are still relatively plentiful and cheap to buy in bulk lots. They'll format to Mac 400 or 800k no problem.
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    SE Revival

    You didn't mention the 7600 before :) That makes things a lot simpler because you can just use Disk Copy to write 7.1 images to an actual disk. They'll write 800k disks no problem, provided your floppy drive still works.