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  1. Dogmander

    Coolest 68k Powerbooks to own?

    I've got a panel from a 140 that I'd be willing to sell; it's been recapped but I think it is starting to have a small amount of dead pixels. Last time I checked it still works.
  2. Dogmander

    Diagnosing a Classic Mac in a weird situation (Early Analog Board)

    I think it might be preferable to use a standard barrel jack or IEC plug for power input, as you could more easily gurantee sufficent power can be delivered compared to USB-C, but USB-C is still an option as many people nowadays probably own something capable (laptop power bricks and the like)...
  3. Dogmander

    Diagnosing a Classic Mac in a weird situation (Early Analog Board)

    I was working on the Classic analog board a while back, I was planning on replicating the PCB (and have modern schematics) so that you can repair and diagnose these machines better. Seeing how it's possible to run both the logic board and CRT power without requiring a majority of the problematic...
  4. Dogmander

    Macintosh Classic won't start

    is it safe to clean the analog board like that? can the water damage any of the components if it gets inside? I'm worried especially about the speaker and the flyback or transformers
  5. Dogmander

    Macintosh Classic (one) with no power.

    Sorry for necroposting, but are there any good guides to test those chips before replacing them? I’m working on my Classic analog board and don’t want to have to buy more replacement parts (already recapped AB) if I don’t have to.
  6. Dogmander

    Powerbook 145b carnage

    You could try using superglue and baking soda as a cheap method for filling the holes. I did that when trying to repair my 140, as the preview owner had drilled holes in the screw housing to add a hinge repair. I'm not sure how strong the holes would be, but it'd be worth a shot.
  7. Dogmander

    Powerbook 145b repair attempt needs help

    I have a bad 140 CPU board, so I'd be willing to sacrifice it for repro PCBs. The 140 uses the same CPU board as the 170 (and 145 too I think), but the 145B uses a different board (due to extra onboard ram).
  8. Dogmander

    EU Tester required: 128k/512k/Plus analogboard recreation

    Any plans for a Macintosh Classic analog board recreation? Those tend to go bad often due to their poor capacitors and overall cheapness
  9. Dogmander

    Powerbook 145b repair attempt needs help

    https://www.digikey.com/en/products/filter/rectangular-cable-assemblies/450?s=N4IgjCBcoBw1oDGUBmBDANgZwKYBoQB7KAbRACYBWAFgE5yBmEAXQIAcAXKEAZQ4CcAlgDsA5iAC%2BBWgAYEIZJHTZ8RUuHJgG5AGwt2XSLwEjxU8LRi15i5bgLFIZOc3MBaCNAWpM9tU-AAdhYJc0p5NigwdkjIKlCgA I've done some research and something like one of...
  10. Dogmander

    PowerBook 540c Restoration Project

    How do you model stuff like that? I want to learn how to do complex parts like that for my own Powerbook
  11. Dogmander

    68K PowerBook conversion

    E-ink display would definitely be neat, it would give the display a look similar to the original It might also be neat to implement a touchscreen, it would work well with a resistive touchscreen (supports stylus)
  12. Dogmander

    68K PowerBook conversion

    Yeah, the Portable and first series Powerbook systems use the same LCD signals, so any progress on this will also be useful for developing an external video port adapter for the Portable. I plan to design my board where the Pico is installed on an external board, and the Powerbook or Portable...
  13. Dogmander

    68K PowerBook conversion

    I've been doing a bit of research on such, and have some info There is some documentation on the LCD video signal in these machines found within the Macintosh Portable Developer Note, these signals are the same across these machines. Bitsavers.org also has schematics on the 140/170 which...
  14. Dogmander

    3D Printing an option for Powerbook 100 Series Rear Casings?

    Cool, if you want anything done, hit me up and I'll see what I'm able to do. :)
  15. Dogmander

    PowerBook 170 with e-ink screen

    An LCD replacement for these machines would be great Replacement LCDs are expensive and tunnel vision is pretty inevitable for active matrix panels
  16. Dogmander

    3D Printing an option for Powerbook 100 Series Rear Casings?

    I have an 145B and 140, I'd be willing to work on recreating parts, whether that be taking measurements, photos, or rough models
  17. Dogmander

    PowerBook 145b

    I mean, some of the text is hard to read but I wouldn’t consider them incomplete
  18. Dogmander

    PowerBook 145b

    What do you mean by incomplete? They have the schematic for mother and daughter boards
  19. Dogmander

    PowerBook 145B Noise & not booting

    Okay, I see
  20. Dogmander

    PowerBook 145b

    bitsavers has schematics for the 140, which also apply to the 145(b) and 170. http://bitsavers.org/pdf/apple/mac/powerbook/140/