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  1. DW1992

    PowerBook 140 restoration

    And here she is, all put back together and running System 7.5.5 8MB of RAM, using a 6MB funky purple memory expansion module Hinge support completely replaced with 3D printed support Dead HDD replaced with a BlueSCSI v2 DaynaPort Ethernet (WiFi) courtesy of the BlueSCSI v2 (FTP for files and...
  2. DW1992

    Help! Where is the SE, SE 30 Analog Cap list?

    Here's a link to JDW's recap video. The description includes a link to a mouse cart with all the required caps in it. :) Macintosh SE & SE/30 Analog Board Recapping Walkthrough I've ordered the components in this cart 3 times now and never had any issue. Works great! Also, there's a mouser...
  3. DW1992

    Macintosh SE scanlines on display - another analog board fault!

    ..:: Resurrecting this old thread since I see this question asked all over other forums, and I just experienced the issue myself ::.. Cheers Jake for the detailed repair notes! I had the exact same problem with an SE I recently picked up. Recapped the power supply and analog board, but the...
  4. DW1992

    PowerBook 140 restoration

    Bonus nostalgia points if any old school Scener can identify the song... :)
  5. DW1992

    PowerBook 140 restoration

    Hi Beachycove. I'm using MpegDEC for the MP3 stream. I've attached a video of my CC Mystic loading MpegDEC, then playing the 64K/sec from Nectarine, Demoscene Radio. It's a 64K/sec stream, but on the internal speaker it sounds just fine. :) The file I drag into the player is a text file with...
  6. DW1992

    PowerBook 140 restoration

    My 68K compact machines have PDS network cards. I use the connection mostly for transferring files from my Synology NAS via FTP (easier than popping out the SD card from the ZuluSCSI). :) I have our printer (an Oki laser) shared with them. Works great as a LaserWriter LPR printer. :) SSHeven is...
  7. DW1992

    PowerBook 140 restoration

    Cheers Powerbook27364, I appreciate the links to the battery articles! I ended up buying a general multi-select voltage power supply (set it to 7.5vDC @ 3A max) on Amazon. Works no problem with my PB140. I'll probably use it until I can pick up a real Apple supply and fix that up someday. I...
  8. DW1992

    PowerBook 140 restoration

    Photo of the 3D printed replacement hinge & link to Gregor House's model on ThingiVerse... PowerBook 100 series hinge fix
  9. DW1992

    PowerBook 140 restoration

    Hi Everyone, A friend who knows I enjoy restoring vintage machines recently gave me her dead PowerBook 140 that had been stored and forgotten about in the back of her closet for decades. It is in excellent cosmetic condition for a 33 year old laptop! The fun begins... I could hear tiny bits of...
  10. DW1992

    Building an internal grayscale card for the SE/30

    I'd buy one instantly as well for my SE/30 if they were ever released as either a kit or a finished product. :)
  11. DW1992

    ADB to USB converter & Wifi2Serial project - DONE!

    Cheers, Dark Systems isn't an Apple specific BBS, but the file base does have some Mac games, etc... My board actually still runs RemoteAccess (for DOS), just like I did waaay back in the early to mid 90s. :) Only now, it's in a DOS session under Windows and with a Telnet aware FOSSIL to let...
  12. DW1992

    Sound-Trecker / Player Pro drivers

    Hi olePigeon, Cheers for the reply and the links. Greatly appreciated! I'd seen a few of those resources, but the one PlayerPro site is new to me, just need free time to experiment with the source now. lol :) The Sprite Animation Toolkit references these two packaged and specifically, C...
  13. DW1992

    ADB to USB converter & Wifi2Serial project - DONE!

    Thanks :) I followed Chester's Blog, which does a great job explaining the steps for the build. Chester's Blog I was able to find the panel mount S-Video female connects on Amazon (pack of 5, so I may need to build more of these) lol. S-Video (Female) The Arduino I used is an unused Leonardo...
  14. DW1992

    ADB to USB converter & Wifi2Serial project - DONE!

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share this simple, but fun little project I just finished. Built an enclosure for my OldNet WiFi2Serial modem that also houses an Arduino Leonardo acting as an ADB to USB converter. I can now use my favourite +30 year old Extended Keyboard II and single button mouse...
  15. DW1992

    Sound-Trecker / Player Pro drivers

    Hi Everyone, Long shot question, but would anyone happen to have either the Sound-Trecker drivers by Frank Seide OR Antoine Rosset's Player Pro drivers along with the code examples that were packed in the development kits? I managed to find the Player Pro SDK, but it's for much later OS then...
  16. DW1992

    Getting my SE/30 online

    Just something to keep in mind if you don't get a network connection... My SE/30 has a DaynaPort E/SI30 PDS Ethernet card, which works awesome. However, I had to configure the connected switchport on my CISCO switch to force 10bT / half duplex instead of the regular, modern auto detection of...
  17. DW1992

    Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX on Classic II - Any way to avoid soldering?

    JDW did a great video showing the measurable differences between various fans for compact macs. Check it out.
  18. DW1992

    Color Classic buzzing from CRT

    Hi Everyone, I recently recapped the analog boards in my two Colour Classics. One is a Mystic, the other is a stock CC. Their logic boards were recapped months ago. Both worked perfectly after their recaps, and the Mystic still does. However, the stock CC analog board has started emitting a...
  19. DW1992

    SSHeven: a modern SSH client for Mac OS 7/8/9

    Loving SSHeven. Works great on my SE/30, and even better on my Color Classic Mystic at '040 speeds (and colour, lol). Yet another breath of new life and purpose given to these beautiful nostalgic machines. :) Thanks for continuing to develop for 68K!
  20. DW1992

    Color Classic analog board recap screen adjustments

    Man do I feel like a Nerf Herder. lol My Color Classic's CRT ghosting / image quality issues are all fixed. I did the recapping of the analog board correctly thanks to your cap listing (phew!) but, being super over eager, I'd taken apart BOTH of my CCs at the same time to clean and de-cap. When...