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  1. desertrout

    Macintosh IIci does not shut down

    Are you able to expand on your testing of the power switch? Just wondering if the switch is stuck / busted.
  2. desertrout

    $37 USB Microscope on Amazon..Great results!

    What I like about this particular microscope is the surface... so many of these cheap microscopes have stands that are awkward or effectively useless for board-level work, but this one actually looks useful.
  3. desertrout

    Clamshell lid logos?

    Yeah... boo. :(
  4. desertrout

    Clamshell lid logos?

    I have a blueberry clamshell that needs a lid logo (shocking!) --- someone was selling them on Etsy some time ago, but no longer it seems. Does any know where to get these?
  5. desertrout

    Macintosh Portable Feet Remake

    LOL I will too! (I guess I should score some TPU and try this)
  6. desertrout

    Picked this up today $150cdn

    Nice find!
  7. desertrout

    Can't boot SE from external BlueSCSI V2 sad Mac and flashing "?" Mark results

    Very generous! This is the kind of thing I like to sort out on my own, so don't sweat it. :)
  8. desertrout

    Can't boot SE from external BlueSCSI V2 sad Mac and flashing "?" Mark results

    Page 100 (in the PDF) of this Service Guide (https://vintageapple.org/macbooks/pdf/APPLE_MACINTOSH_SERVICE_GUIDE_VOL1_1990.pdf) has a SIMM chart, which might help. FWIW I can't boot my SE (or Portable) from a CD image on a BlueSCSI, or even if there is a CD image on the SD... V1 though. Not...
  9. desertrout

    Macintosh Portable & Powerbook 100 power adapter bench

    In my experience... yes, sometimes. Thankfully there's a pot for it. I aim between 7.6 and 7.8 (Service Guide says 7.5 - 7.9)
  10. desertrout

    portable power adaptor cap list

    Mine had 4 caps on the secondary side: https://tinkerdifferent.com/threads/portable-adapter-m5136-capacitor-list.1199/ I also replaced the primary filter cap, but yeah it may not be necessary.
  11. desertrout

    Macintosh Plus 1MB Won't boot Help/Guidance?

    This is still pointing at either bad / cracked solder joints on J4... or a bad harness --- check for corrosion and continuity on the cable that goes between J4 and the logic board
  12. desertrout

    Portable won't run from battery

    Nice! I keep thinking I should get a hybrid replacement, even though my Portable actually runs pretty well... but battery usage is kinda dodgy - seems to drain quickly and charge inconsistently (it's one of those cheaper replacements, not sure that's part of the problem). Did you go through...
  13. desertrout

    ADP-17AB PSU Cap List?

    Well, in case any ever needs to know, I just used a 25V cap, considering it's used on the output side which sits somewhere between 7.5 and 8V... and its neighbor was 16V. Here's the complete cap list: Cap # µF V Height Diameter C1 47 400 32 17 C4 22 50 11 5 C302 1000 16 20...
  14. desertrout

    How to repair a Powerbook 140-180 interconnect cable

    Amazing - thank you so much for documenting this!
  15. desertrout

    Powerbook 145b repair attempt needs help

    I'd say new thread, might make it more 'findable'? Really looking forward to it!
  16. desertrout

    Another PowerBook 170! Non-booting, shorted diode. And a Japanese keyboard?

    Picked up another PB170 very cheap ($15!), sold as non-booting. Turned out to be the Schottky diode D16. These seems to be a pretty common fault, fails shorted. Symptoms are a non-response to power on, and a dead short at the power connector. The same diode on 160/165/180 logic boards is D15. In...
  17. desertrout

    PowerBook 180 Replace CCFL with LED

    Nice thanks! Good God! 🤣
  18. desertrout

    PowerBook 100 half screen dead

    Hard to know. Recap and see. Also best to recap the logic board too.
  19. desertrout

    Powerbook 1xx internal wifi modem emulator Rx/Tx woes

    Good questions. To clarify, I'm not powering it externally: I'm using an NodeMCU ESP8266 module powered from the PB's MODEM.5V pin - so it's being powered internally, and only when the modem is in use. I was testing a bit with external power during some early troubleshooting, but the intent was...
  20. desertrout

    PowerBook 180 Replace CCFL with LED

    Nice! Thanks for sharing - I'm definitely interested in making this mod to my 170 and 180. Do you have any pictures of how you mounted the boost converter and panel?