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    Diagnosing DNS issues with OpenTransport

    I'm trying to reach a .ai site from my SE/30, and I'm encountering lots of weirdness seemingly related to DNS. Is there any way to see OpenTransport DNS internals more clearly so I can diagnose better? (Alternatively I suppose I can wireshark stuff on the "modern" side of my link.)
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    Damaged ROM SIMM Socket on SE/30

    To close the loop here... I bought some of these sockets back in 2020 and finally got around to installing one this afternoon.
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    Scuznet SCSI to Ethernet Adapter PCB & parts kit

    I'll take one if still available!
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    Damaged ROM SIMM Socket on SE/30

    Thanks for all the help and info! I'm going to declare (short term) victory on this project - I was able to use a rubber band to hold the SIMM in. Once I got it situated correctly, the system bonged! I'm thinking about making a new ROM PCB that'd work with headers soldered in place of the SIMM...
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    Damaged ROM SIMM Socket on SE/30

    Any chance you could share stl files?
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    Damaged ROM SIMM Socket on SE/30

    Unfortunately the esi-components.com is out of stock, and elcodis.com's minimum order quantity is 100.
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    Damaged ROM SIMM Socket on SE/30

    A Simasimac-ed SE/30 found it's way to me recently. When I opened it up for the first time, I found that the ROM SIMM was *loose inside the case*. The retention tabs on the ROM SIMM socket have broken off.  Any recommendations for next steps? I'm comfortable doing the rework of replacing the...