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  1. rikerjoe

    PowerBook 5300c / 5300cs Restoration (Lid Fix)

    Ugh, my 5300c screen is just starting to show signs of vinegar syndrome. Looks like I will need to revert to the original passive matrix screen that I had replaced about two years ago. Sigh.
  2. rikerjoe

    RaSCSI help

    I checked through my notes from two years ago where I was trying various combinations of PiSCSI (formerly RaSCSI) with other emulators such as BlueSCSI and SCSI2SD in Mac IIci and IIsi. Problems usually came down to termination issues. Check the position of the termination jumper on your...
  3. rikerjoe

    Requesting help for a Mystic black screen issue

    Did you reinstall the VRAM? If yes, can you post some photos of the analog board mods? Additional sets of eyes on your work may help spot a problem.
  4. rikerjoe

    PowerBook 5300c / 5300cs Restoration (Lid Fix)

    Oh man, I am excited to see this thread! I am going to give the standoffs a shot in my 5300cs. Thanks for tackling this project!
  5. rikerjoe

    Macintosh IIsi Magic chime sound. What does it mean?

    Since it appears you had corrosion near the PSU connector on the logic board, check continuity from the connector pins to various locations on the logic board. I had intermittent death chimes with a IIsi caused by broken traces underneath the PSU connector.
  6. rikerjoe

    IIci shutdown issue (It is now safe to switch off... message)

    I had the same behavior with my IIci and found several broken traces around the pad for UD13 pin 6, which is supposed to connect to pin 2 and pin 10. I recommend checking continuity in the power on circuitry.
  7. rikerjoe

    iMac G4 Fan replacement

    Yes, this is very familiar. While cleaning the inside of my iMac G4, I also broke one of the fan blades. I did an online search and found a replacement fan. No problem with replacement, and the iMac G4 is purring nicely. This was several years ago and unfortunately I don’t have a link to share...
  8. rikerjoe

    iMac speaker replacement

    Sure, here is the US eBay link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/394543308570?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=01xhur0kqm-&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=mmdlzm_0q_k&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  9. rikerjoe

    iMac speaker replacement

    I recently replaced the speakers in a Graphite iMac G3 DV SE using speakers I bought from eBay using the following search ‘2pcs 1" inch 4ω 4w full-range speaker on stage crystal bluetooth for harman jbl‘. Worked like a charm.
  10. rikerjoe

    The beginnings of hinge failure? (PB 5300c)

    I used original JB Weld. My unhappiness with my attempts were due to trying to rebuild a completely shattered and unsalvageable screw mount, which was very difficult to reconstruct out of JB Weld and the metal screw receptacle as the only parts. it seemed to work but I still have a gap between...
  11. rikerjoe

    The beginnings of hinge failure? (PB 5300c)

    The bumps look like the screws underneath the front nameplates that are used to screw the front and back plates of the display. I wonder if anyone had opened it previously and replaced the screws with longer ones? Anyway, the mounting posts are plastic with metal screw inserts and are notorious...
  12. rikerjoe

    Reverse Engineering the Color Classic AB

    Yes, exactly the link I plan on using for my stereo mod.
  13. rikerjoe

    Reverse Engineering the Color Classic AB

    Answer is yes. Color Classic stereo mod instructions are available on the web, and I just finished gathering the needed parts to do the mod to my Mystic Color Classic as a project for #Marchintosh 2023.
  14. rikerjoe

    ZuluSCSI doesn't fit into my Centris 650 rear SCSI port

    This is what I use to connect my DB-25 BlueSCSIs and SCSI2SDs to my Centris 650. One was enough to clear the lip, barely. A second wouldn’t hurt on the clearance front.
  15. rikerjoe

    Classic II – won't start after cleaning

    Here is a pic of my Classic II board showing C102, which is marked as A4 = 10 nF On my board it is connected to +5V and ground. Hope that helps!
  16. rikerjoe

    IIci Cache Card

    Symptom is with the bad cache card my IIci chimes, then after about 20 seconds I hear the speaker pop faintly, but it remains with a black screen with no desktop or happy Mac appearing, and I see no disk activity on my internal BlueSCSI. With a good cache card, no cache card, or my Interware...
  17. rikerjoe

    IIci Cache Card

    I also started troubleshooting a Iici cache card with no luck so far. My non-working card has CY7C185 28-pin CACHE SRAM chips and MT5C1608 24-pin TAG SRAM chips. (I have a working card with P4C164 28-pin CACHE SRAM chips and P4C116 24-pin TAG SRAM chips.) I wondered about the MT-branded chips...
  18. rikerjoe

    Clock and PRAM utility questions

    Vremya is the network time tool that I use. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/vremya
  19. rikerjoe

    Oh no, my RaSCSI suddenly stopped working

    I replaced the four bus transceivers on top of the RaSCSI, and all is back to normal. I am able to connect via SCSI cable and see images, AFP server, and connect Ethernet from my classic Macs.