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    Mac Plus - Error Code 017C01

    I'd suggest doing a quick visual inspection of the ones you've got first - make sure they're stuck in the sockets properly, nothing is bent, etc. After that it's worth trying new ROMs, yes, so long as you're not being charged exorbitant prices for them!
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    Mac Plus - Error Code 017C01

    IIRC, error codes beginning with '01' are ROM errors. I'd suggest checking that the ROMs are securely in place, none of the pins are bent, and that the sockets are sound. Otherwise, it might be the ROMs themselves that are damaged - not that common, but does sometimes happen.
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    Before ResEdit: Alert/Dialog, Font, and Icon Editors (1984)

    That would be really cool. I think people overestimate how refined the early development tools were, and how far they came on and how rapidly.
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    My first 68k Mac - Macintosh SE 2x 800k

    Yes, control panels and extensions live in the System Folder in 6.0. They were moved into subfolders in 7.0 to help clean up the system folder, because it was getting extremely chaotic
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    What happened with firmtek..?

    Their website has a copyright date of 2020 on it, which isn't looking good. Call them perhaps, see if they still really exist or if the website is just hanging around like a ghost
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    Have se/30 on internet—now what?

    That's a totally fair comment :-D
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    PowerBook 3400c CardBus

    I hope you like writing drivers.
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    TashRouter: An AppleTalk Router

    Well done and thankyou, @dougg3!
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    Have se/30 on internet—now what?

    I've never really understood why people are so keen to get those machines on the Internet - there's really very little to do once you're on it other than go "well, this is bad at being on the Internet, ok".
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    External monitor cable for Performa 5200

    since people have only implicitly answered this question, perhaps an explicit answer will be useful (maybe to you, maybe to some future person who finds this thread): the buffering in question here is buffering in the electronics sense of the word, not in the computing sense of the word. It is...
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    SE/30 with cross inside floppy icon (not booting)

    Crossed out floppy means that it's trying to eject a disc which isn't a system disc. If it's showing that without a floppy drive even connected, I might consider looking at the SWIM, but that's a slight guess - but if it's showing the cross it thinks there's a disc in that's not bootable, and...
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    Quadra 700 16MB 30-pin SIMMs

    Agreed, @Siliconinsider would be my first choice, very decent quality stuff. Got some memorymasters stuff as well - it's fine, just not quite as nice as the purple RAM. @CTB don't I remember you're in Aus? I suspect none of these options are very convenient for you in that case :-(
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    Usage of PAP for inkjet printers

    simple and cheap. And perhaps to be built by engineers who weren't printing gurus. This would be my bet.
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    when I make any progress

    when I make any progress
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    Question about DVI port

    Sony also used the variant with the extra two vertical slots but I don't know what they're for.
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    SEthernet and SEthernet/30: A new take on PDS Ethernet

    This sort of thing is why Radius had magicbus, of course ;-)
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    let people love what they love fink

    let people love what they love fink
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    Wow, those are handy. Thankyou!

    Wow, those are handy. Thankyou!
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    I'm taking the IIe card software to bits to try to work out what makes it tick. And go cuckoo...

    I'm taking the IIe card software to bits to try to work out what makes it tick. And go cuckoo. As you can see, so far, it's winning. (The identifiers are mine; there are no debug symbols)